Trina Solar Expands Product Offering to Include Small Systems
New Trinahome Off-grid Systems Now Available in China and South Africa

Trina Solar Limited (NYSE: TSL) ("Trina Solar" or the "Company"), a global leader in photovoltaic modules, solutions and services, today announced that its innovative Trinahome off-grid PV systems are now available for order in China and South Africa. Trinahome PV Systems are designed for maximum flexibility, ease of use and reliability, and are ideal energy solutions for remote areas with little or no access to grid electricity.

Highly customizable and available with a power range from 150W to 1000W, Trinahome can meet the diverse range of off-grid energy needs from emergency backup to daily use. The innovative system design integrates the inverter and controller into one unit, with no limit to the battery capacity. The portable Trinahome system is easy to use, install and operate.

“We designed Trinahome to allow the customer to configure his own power output and battery size to reach an ideal balance of cost and need.” said Zhu Zhiguo, Trina Solar Senior Vice President and Module Business Unit President. “We are proud to offer quality products to the under-served off-grid market. We are committed to providing better solar solutions to our customers and anticipate further expansion of the Trinahome line of PV systems to higher power ranges, more applications and more markets.”

Trinahome systems are the first and only products to receive CQC’s small systems certification. Trinahome Off-Grid PV modules are also backed by the company’s industry-leading 25 year power output guarantee.

For more information please contact Trina Solar’s small system sales at or visit