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Long-term Electric Bill Savings with Solar

With tax incentives, rebates, and a wide range of financing options, installing solar is very affordable.

Trina Solar is a leading global provider of solar solutions and has installed over 11 GW worldwide. Our solar panels are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our products have proven themselves on the field and in third party testing against other leading manufacturers. Through our 25/30 year linear power warranty, we guarantee panel output will not decrease by more than 2.5% the first year and 0.7% for each year thereafter and guarantees at least 90% performance by year 10.

Linear Performance Warranty
Trinasmart Energy Storage

Maximize your rooftop

Our world-record setting panels are designed to maximize ROI in space-constrained situations.

Trina solutions optimize and protect your solar investment. Our Trinasmart Optimization and Monitoring module and monitoring solution guarantees maximized output and improves the fire safety of your roof with arc-fault detection.

As the world’s leading solar energy brand, Trinasolar is the market leader in solar energy applications. Families benefit from our Solar Energy Generation and Storage Solutions to obtain more reliable energy supply and lower electricity bills.