Trina Solar Statement on Anti-dumping and Anti-subsidy


On Nov. 26 2012 Chinese MOFCOM issued its announcement confirming the anti-dumping retrospective tariff investigation targeted at solar polysilicon products from the United States, South Korea and the European Union. Trina Solar makes the following statement in response to the investigation:

Trina Solar is an advocate of the open market, free trade and a level playing field, and opposes protectionism of any kind. The “Anti-Dumping and Anti-Subsidy Investigations” initiated by certain parties on solar products from China are purely protectionism and have already caused a disturbance and unemployment throughout the global solar value chain, and is further affecting the global solar application markets, as well as slowing down the pace of grid parity for solar. Trina Solar is very concerned about the situation and we urge the stakeholders involved from different parts of the world to immediately seek joint solutions through communication and collaboration under the spirit of open market, free trade and level playing field.