Trina Solar Chairman and CEO Participates in the WEF Global Energy Governor's Sessions


Changzhou, January 29 --- Trina Solar Chairman and CEO Jifan Gao participated in the WEF Global Energy Governor’s Sessions from January 26 to 27.

Gao was attending the 2012 Davos World Economic Forum. These sessions attracted morethan 50 participants including Chairmen and CEOs from world clean energy, conventional energy and power companies including Trina Solar, Gamesa, Shell, Dow Chemicals, Philippe, BP, Suzlon, as well as delegates from the academic and research institutes and media such as the International Energy Agency, The Economist, Bloomberg and Caixin Media. Also present were government leaders including Ukraine president, South African Energy Minister, and Swiss Minister of Infrastructure.

The participants discussed how the global energy industry can, on the basis of mutual trust, jointly advance the transformation of energy pattern and provide a growth engine for the world economy. Jifan Gao pointed out that governments, industry, media and consumers around the world should seek for extensive collaboration and consensus, balance the long-term and short-term interests, work together to transform the energy structure into the direction of efficient and sustainable growth via candid and broad communications. During the event, Jifan Gao respectively met with the Swiss Energy Minister, Malaysian Minister of International Trade and Industry, and Mexican Energy Minister. Jifan Gao also received interviews by CCTV-News, Xinhua News Agency and Caixin Media. He also had dialogues with BBC and the New York Times on the topics of solar industry development and open trade.