Trinasmart: How Smart Curve Technology Increases String Length and Speeds Installation Time.

Smart solar modules reduce costs and maximize
system energy yield

Trinasmartlowers system costs by increasing string length by 30% through patented “Smart Curve” technology. This allows installers to complete more systems, more quickly, with lower balance of system costs. Please read on for a description of how this revolutionary solution lowers costs and how it can benefit your bottom line.

Learn in our new White Paper about revolutionary Trinasmart technology:

This whitepaper presents a revolutionary way to increase string length, reduce balance of systems costs, and maximize your solar array’s energy yield.

Trinasmart represents a revolutionary step in how solar systems are designed, installed and managed.

We are confident that Trinasmart will dramatically increase the number of rooftops viable for solar, while significantly reducing BOS costs, improving design flexibility and increasing the safety of any roof with the best technology available.

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