Trina Solar is leading the renewable energy industry in water conservation by finding ways to reduce overall water consumption and by making use of water treatment technologies.

Solar cell factories, like with many other high-tech manufacturers such semi-conductor makers, use some water during the manufacturing process.

Rather than discard this used water, as waste water, we use highly advanced water treatment technologies, namely ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis (RO) technology, so we can treat and purify water so it can be returned to our raw water supply, where it can be used for non-manufacturing purposes, such as cleaning.

In the four years since implementing these processes (2013-2017) we have reduced our water consumption by 24% and reused 7.6 million tons of water, or the equivalent of the annual water consumption of 41,500 Chinese households.

Reducing water consumption and finding ways to treat and purify water, so our water discharge surpasses international standards, is important for us because water is a resource for all. We hope to set an example that all industry, including non-solar companies, can follow. This way, our clean energy is truly as clean as it can be.


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