Trina Solar gains EPD certification from UL Solutions and EPDItaly, with Vertex N 700W showing superior performance

Trina Solar has obtained Environmental Product Declaration certifications from UL Solutions, a global leader in applied safety science, for its high-efficiency Vertex N 700W modules, which has an industry-leading Global Warming Potential of 13.2 CO2 eq/kWh, Vertex N 610W and Vertex 670W. GWP is also widely understood as carbon footprint value. The company has also gained EPDItaly certification. The certifications validate the company’s fulfilment of social responsibility and promotion of sustainable development. 



As an internationally harmonized third-party verification report, the EPD certification, based on ISO 14025, rigorously tracks full-process environmental impact from cradle to grave, including raw material sourcing, manufacturing and processing, transportation, production utility and recycling. As a safety validation for sustainable products, EPD certification reflects a company's commitment to sustainability and provides photovoltaic investors and owners with authoritative environmental performance of solar products or services to simplify their decision making.

After comprehensive calculations and analysis of data, Trina Solar’s Vertex N 700W, Vertex N 610W and Vertex 670W modules have met EPD standard requirements and been certified. This further demonstrates that the company’s products are totally environmentally friendly and makes its product even more competitive.



As both a promoter of green energy and a practitioner of green development, Trina Solar is dedicated to making its products green at every stage. The company stresses the sustainability of its products to minimize the probability of module replacement while enhancing the energy yield throughout product lifespan. Since becoming a full member of PV Cycle in 2010, Trina Solar has rigorously adhered to a set of rules covering end-of-life solar panels, preventing valuable materials from entering landfills, and supports a circular economy.

Trina Solar has excelled in low-carbon practice and gained worldwide recognition.

It became the first PV manufacturer to obtain a dual Environmental Protection Certification from UL and EPDItaly in 2020. The company’s full range of 210mm Vertex modules was awarded an LCA certificate and the Carbon Footprint Certificate by TÜV Rheinland last year. The company’s manufacturing plant in Yiwu, Zhejiang province, has been named a Zero Carbon Factory by TiGroup, the first factory in the PV industry to be given such a title. Another manufacturing plant in Suqian, Jiangsu province, has been named a national green factory. In addition, Trina Solar has been named a decarbonisation leader in the European Union and Bloomberg Green ESG – Enterprises.