TrinaTracker Brings Love and Support to Kalenjin Tribes in Kenya

March 17th, 2022 – TrinaTracker, a leading tracker manufacturer and business unit of Trina Solar Co., Ltd. (SHA:688599), has completed the delivery and construction of three PV power plants for Radiant, Eldosol, and Kesses in Kenya. These projects are located in Uasin Gishu County, with a total installed capacity of 155 MW. Unlike usual, in order to make the PV construction better promote the local economy and help the locals improve their living standards, TrinaTracker cooperated with the local government to hire villagers from five nearby villages of the project and involve them in the construction of PV projects after technical training.

These villages are all Kalenjin tribes. Kalenjin is one of the 48 tribes in Kenya and mostly lives by sheep herding. Over the past three years, the training has enabled the local villagers to acquire different knowledge and increase their economic income by building PV power plants.

In addition to technical training, TrinaTracker’s local team has provided support and assistance to the villagers in their daily lives and other aspects, building a deep emotional bond. According to Jose Carlos Talavera, TrinaTracker’s head of the project in Africa, they are invited to the local church to celebrate together during festivals and are often invited to villagers’ homes for tea and conversation or an authentic local meal.

(Photo: TrinaTracker team together with children at Watergate Primary School)

The local children are also interested in the “new gadgets” of the PV power plants. Invited by the local government and as a token of appreciation for the warm companionship of the local villagers over the past three years, the TrinaTracker team came to the Watergate Primary School in Uasin Gishu County, donated toys and school supplies to the students, and conducted a series of lessons. The lessons include the knowledge of solar power generation, environmental protection, and renewable energy that children were curious about and the cultural customs in China, Europe, and Africa.

Jose Carlos says: "We are proud of deploying PV power plants in remote areas, as we can also help the local people through the projects we do. Like the Kenya projects, it’s a great pleasure for us to see how the Kalenjins learn about PV technology and grow their sustainability awareness."

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