UL & RETC experts highlight Trina Solar Vertex modules’ bankability and high reliability 

On August 30th, experts from Wood Mackenzie, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), RETC and Trina Solar, conducted an in-depth discussion about the bankability and high reliability of Trina Solar’s 210 Vertex Ultra-high-power modules and the application of 600W+ globally. The discussion was made in the online webinar themed Analyzing The Key Bankability Indicators of Ultra-high-power, co-organized by Wood Mackenzie, UL and Trina Solar.


UL studied the bankability of Vertex 600W+ modules, showing excellence

Bankability is one of important indicators that project developers measure when purchasing solar modules, and solar modules with high bankable rating make it easier for project developers to obtain bank financing. In order to get a rigorous and scientific bankability evaluation result, third-party institutions often conduct the all-dimensional investigation, including product shipments, financial status, product reliability, factory audits, etc.

Shane Liew from UL, the world’s leading independent advisory, testing, inspection and certification organization, analyzed the bankability study report on Trina Solar’s Vertex series modules, which showing their excellent performance in reliability, compatibility and lowering LCOE and a high-standard quality management system. UL also found that Vertex series modules are compatible with both utility-scale inverters and string inverters.

Moreover, the report found that, according to LCOE study by Fraunhofer ISE, DNV, Enertis Applus etc., compared with the 182-540W reference module, the Trina Solar Vertex 670W series module can reduce LCOE by 4.1%, and BOS costs by up to 6%.

Analysts from Wood Mackenzie, the world’s renowned analysis institution, stressed that large format modules can result in a 5% CAPEX reduction. Besides, large systems take advantages of scaling to reduce these costs ever further with high power class modules.

After a rigorous review, UL concluded that the Vertex modules have fully reached the bankability rating and took the lead in all key indicators.


RETC proves high reliability of Vertex 600W+ modules

Daniel Chang, vice president of Business Development Department of RETC, a leading independent test laboratory for photovoltaic and renewable energy products, analyzed high reliability of Trina Solar's 600W+ Vertex modules. The latest 2022 PVMI also shows Trina Solar’s ultra-high power 670W series modules have demonstrated high reliability in DH2000 damp heat test, SDML composite load test, TC600 thermal cycle test, PAN file test, LID resistance test and LeTID resistance test. Thanks to excellent reliability, superb performance and superior quality, Trina Solar’s ultra-high power 670W series modules have passed a number of RETC tests that are significantly more rigorous than the IEC standard. Therefore, Trina Solar has been recognized as an “Overall High Achiever”.

Under the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, modules with high power, high efficiency, high reliability and high energy yield are the inevitable direction of the PV market. Following this trend, Trina Solar released the 670W Vertex module in March 2021, leading the industry into the era of 600W+. Trina Solar shipped 18.05GW solar modules in the first half of 2022, ranking second worldwide according to InfoLink. Additionally, Trina Solar has shipped more than 30GW of 210 modules, taking a remarkable market share of over 50% in 210 module shipments. Trina Solar will continue to improve customer value and dedicated to building a carbon-emissions free world.