Trina Solar supplies Vertex N modules for a 500MW desert PV plant

A 500MW PV power station project in Gobi, northwestern China, is under construction using Trina Solar's 210mm Vertex high-power modules, including the Vertex N 610W and the Vertex 670W.



The project has total installed capacity of 500 MW, and half the construction work has been completed. Once the plant is connected to the grid it is forecast to generate 855 million GWh, cut the need for 250,000 tons of standard coal and to cut CO2 emissions by 840,000 tons a year.

The Gobi location is endowed with abundant sunshine, an average of 3,000 to 3,200 hours a year, making it an ideal location for PV power plants. Once the plant is completed it is expected to deliver significant economic and environmental benefits by upgrading local energy structure.

210mm Vertex modules, with high power, efficiency, reliability, energy yield and low LCOE, have paved the way for lower BOS, being an ideal choice for utility-scale, commercial, industrial and residential PV projects. By the end of November Trina Solar's cumulative shipments of 210mm Vertex modules had exceeded 100GW, giving them a world No 1 ranking.

Trina Solar Vertex modules have been rigorously tested for their reliability by renowned third-party organizations such as RETC, PVEL, CGC and TÜV Rheinland, and they have gained a reputation in high-altitude areas as well as vast desert regions for their outstanding performance.

In the n-type era Trina Solar has also upgraded its products. Based on the industry-leading 210mm rectangular (210R) silicon wafer technology and n-type i-TOPCon Advanced technology, the Vertex N 610W module is 2382mm by 1134mm, which adds scope to utility-scale or commercial and industrial solar applications and improves the utilization rate of a 40HC container to 98.5%, reducing logistics and BOS costs for customers. Cao Yunduan, head of branding and marketing at Trina Solar, sad “Trina Solar was the first manufacturer to bring 210R modules to the market and took the lead in advocating standardization of rectangular silicon wafer module dimensions with eight other companies, giving the 210R products a prominent place in the market.”

Trina Solar, a global leader in smart PV and energy storage solutions, remains unwavering in providing tailor-made smart energy solutions for various application settings, including deserts and other arid regions. With its mission of “Solar Energy for All”, Trina Solar is dedicated to contributing to a zero-carbon future through advanced technology, reliable products and service that is second to none.