TrinaTracker launches Vanguard 1P, increasing average energy yield by up to 15% in desert land

TrinaTracker, a leading tracker manufacturer and business unit of Trina Solar Co., Ltd., has launched its Vanguard 1P single-row tracker at the World Future Exhibition Summit in Abu Dhabi.

The Vanguard 1P series, fully compatible with ultra-high power modules ranging from 400W to 670W+, further enriches tracker application scenarios and upgrades TrinaTracker solutions. Vanguard 1P adopts the 1P (portrait mounting) single-row design and includes technology advantages that guarantee higher reliability, more significant power generation, optimised balance of system (BOS) cost and enhanced adaptability. In addition, the product has been subjected to an extensive wind tunnel test that included dynamic, static and aeroelastic simulations. The tunnel test was implemented by CPP, one of the wind engineering consultancy leaders worldwide, and proved the tracker's stability and reliability under high wind speed.

The tracker's design makes Vanguard 1P exceptionally reliable in areas with high dust concentration levels. In addition, the top five intelligent cleaning robot manufactures are compatible with the product. As a result, Vanguard 1P achieves high energy yield in markets like the Middle East characterised by large desert land extension. With the cleaning robots, the system's power generation can be enhanced by more than 10% by effectively eliminating sands and dust on modules.

Intelligent tracking and high-tech design provides up to 15% more energy yield and reduces installation and O&M costs

Moreover, the TrinaTracker SuperTrack feature delivers an extra yield gain of up to 8%. The patented SuperTrack boasts two algorithms: The Smart Tracking Algorithm is used to optimise energy production in high diffuse irradiance weather conditions, while the Smart Backtracking Algorithm optimises energy yield when shading is caused by the installation of arrays in irregular terrain.

The TrinaTracker patented Spherical Bearing, unique in the market for its three axes of rotation, minimises the structure's stress and deformation and further improves reliability and adaptability in complex terrains. In addition, the bearing provides self-alignment with angle adjustability of 30%, which can correct the installation deviation as well as reduce failure rate and operation and maintenance costs.

Furthermore, the patented Trina Clamp adds value to Vanguard 1P installations by diminishing installation time by 50%.

The bi-damper system included in the Vanguard 1P tracker structure shortens the time of tracker oscillation, prevents oscillation spread, reduces the dynamic response, and increases the critical wind speed.

Vanguard 1P installations are equipped with the newly patented "Trina Smart Cloud," a unique intelligent monitoring control solution that leads to a smart operation and maintenance (O&M) of the photovoltaic plants. This SCADA system enables reliable and accurate operation across a wide range of weather conditions, increasing productivity from preventive diagnosis and O&M suggestions. It provides data online analysis and processing, an alarm protection system and quick remote control and command.

Oscar Aira, Head of Solutions Sales for EMEA at TrinaTracker stated: "We are proud to launch Vanguard 1P in Abu Dhabi since its innovative features particularly cover our clients' needs in the Middle East. Vanguard 1P enriches and strengthens our tracker portfolio and enables us to provide the best tracking solution in every corner of the world."

With Vanguard 1P, TrinaTracker shows one more time that its core DNA is characterised by being a pioneer in quality and novelty. The company continuously focuses on offering high-technology solutions that achieve highest energy yield, lowest balance of system (BOS) costs, and levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) for its clients. TrinaTracker is the only company in the solar market that offers modules, trackers and intelligent monitoring from a single source.

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Caption:  TrinaTracker has launched its cutting-edge Vanguard 1P tracker solution at World Future Exhibition Summit in Abu Dhabi.
Source:   Trina Solar


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