TrinaTracker Vanguard 1P

TrinaTracker is specialized in the R&D, manufacturing, engineering design, installation and maintenance of smart solar trackers. TrinaTracker has offices on five continents. It has delivered more than 7GW of solar and developed more than 300 projects worldwide. TrinaTracker offers its clients products of optimal quality with the most advanced technology. With a full product portfolio for a broad application scenarios, TrinaTracker provides custom-made solutions to clients.

Strong R&D,Engineering Team
110 engineers, 150 professionals
5+ in-house teams experts
Partership with world-leading consultants
Reliable& Smart Tracker Solution
Agile 1P
Vanguard 1P
Vanguard 2P
SuperTrack smart control system
Trina smart cloud
Global Operations Center
Project locations in 40 countries
Branches or offices in 10 countries
Production sites in over 4 countries
Life-cycle Service
Pre-sales engineering, in-sales engineering
In-sales delivey and installation guidance
After-sales O&M services

Global Smart Tracker Solutions Provider

◆ TrinaTracker develops high-tech, intelligent and tailor-made tracker solutions that when they are integrately implemented create strong synergies that lead to energy production maximization and cost reduction in a solar PV plant.

◆ TrinaTracker manufacturers, designs and deploys tracking systems that integrate smart tracking and monitoring solutions, while providing best-in-class services that go from project optimization consultancy to installation, commissioning, O&M and after sales services.

◆ The company has a customer-focus mindset which prioritizes the achievement of the lowest energy cost for its clients.

◆ TrinaTracker has nearly two decades of experience and projects implemented projects in more than 40 countries.

Global Technology Pioneer

◆ TrinaTracker has two Research, Development and Innovation hubs located in Changzhou, China, and Viana, Spain

◆ +60 civil and mechanical engineers specialized in solar structures

◆ +70 patents registered

◆ Components are tested in indoor laboratories

◆ Coordinated decision making

◆ Real-size trackers are installed in extensive fields to evaluate and assess their performance

◆ Testing and manufacturing areas are located in the same facilities

Smart Manufacturing

◆ TrinaTracker has two manufacturing centers located in Changzhou, China and Viana, Spain

◆ The company has a productions capacity of 8 GW

◆ EN 1090 and ISO 3834-2 factory certifications issued by SGS

◆ Smart production processes

◆ Coordinated decision making

◆ Intelligent applications

◆ Integrated planning collaboration

◆ Strict quality control internal standards


Manufacturing Leadership

The smart solar tracker factory featuring innovation, reliability and intelligence domenstrates the industry advantages of TrinaTracker. By leveraging advanced manufacturing equipment, the Production + Research platform, and the life cycle quality management concept, TrinaTracker actively creates industry-leading tracker products.

TrinaTracker will further fully integrate and utilize hardware and software to realize intelligent manufacturing scenarios integrating intelligent production, coordinated decision-making, intelligent IoT, planning collaboration, and quality control. Meanwhile, it will use intelligent approaches to define product paths and business scenarios, identify customer needs and product configurations, and continue to optimize the use of sites while allowing for restrictions to continuously improve value and energy yield for clients and achieve win-win cooperation.

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