PV electrical safety lies on reliable connection, Stäubli joins 600W+ alliance, together for high-value 600W+ modules

Trina Solar, a leading global PV and smart energy total solution provider, together with other leading PV companies established 600W+ Photovoltaic Open Innovation Ecological Alliance in July 2020 to promote development of ultra-high power 600W+ modules. Recently, Stäubli, a pioneer and global market leader with its MC4 connector portfolio, announced joining the alliance by fully recognizing 600W+ modules’ high value.

“As the PV industry enters the 6.0 era, 600W+ module with ultra-high power and excellent efficiency has become market mainstream. We fully recognize the reliability and power generation performance of 600W+ modules. Stäubli has sufficient confidence in supporting with high current-carrying connectors. Joining the 600W+ Alliance, we hope to collaborate with industry leading companies in the alliance to promote the development of PV industry together,” says Mr. Hong Weigang, Director of Electrical Connectors Division in Stäubli (Hangzhou).

In address to the concern of the electrical safety of high-current modules, PV specialists at Stäubli express that, the electrical safety is not related with the current of modules. Mr. Shen Qianping, Product Manager of Renewable Energy in Stäubli (Hangzhou) pointed out, DC arc is caused by poor-quality connectors, low-quality modules, defective installation and crimping, and aging material. Electrical safety lies in high-quality PV modules, connectors, junction box, and professional operation according to the regulation and instruction.


600W+ module will not increase electrical risks, rather, it would significantly reduce the risk of DC arc of PV systems and fire accidents. 

Experimental simulation shows that under the condition of same material technique and operation status, at the single connection point, the risk of DC arc is at the same level for both high-current modules and low-current modules. The current -carrying capacity of connectors is usually at 30-40A, “take Stäubli MC4-Evo 2 for example, with 4mm2 PV cable, its rated current can reach to 45A, which fully meets the current requirements of 600W+ modules.”

The more connection points in the PV system exist, the more likely would failures happen. The application of 600W+ modules with high power and low voltage would reduce 24% of connection points between modules, and reduce 35% of string connection points, significantly decreasing the amount of potential electrical risks.

Ultra-high power modules represented by Trina Solar’s 600W+ modules bring to global customers safe, reliable and higher power generation, lower LCOE and higher system value. In the light of that, global leading and authoritative companies in the industry chain have been joining the 600W+ Alliance, with members already approaching 100. The application of the 600W+ modules has become a global trend.

Stäubli stands for innovative mechatronics solutions in the electrical connectors, fluid connectors, robotics, and textile divisions. With over 5,500 employees, the company operates in 29 countries. In the renewable energy sector, Stäubli Electrical Connectors has set the industry benchmark with its MC4 connector portfolio based on the reliable MULTILAM contact technology.