Trina Solar launching new generation of 210 Vertex for non-utility markets,with a 30W power boost and efficiency up to 21.5%

Trina Solar is going to officially announce another innovative upgrade to the 210mm Vertex Technology Platform with innovative 210mm rectangular silicon (G12R) wafer in the coming Intersolar Europe 2022. A single-module power increases up to 30W, while the power of Vertex S will raise to 430W, and that of Vertex 550W will raise to 580W, taking the lead in applying to residential rooftop, commercial and industrial scenarios around the world. The upgrade will provide an outstanding product experience and exceptional investment gains for non-utility markets, delivering higher customer value and leading the industry once again.


New-generation Vertex based on 210mm Technology Platform possesses efficiency of 21.5%

Based on the new generation of 210mm Vertex Technology platform, innovative 210mm rectangular silicon wafer (G12R) cell technology is applied to Trina Solar's Vertex S 430W and Vertex 580W, giving the results of higher efficiency and power compared to similar products on the residential and commercial markets, which makes them new members of G12 family.

As for conversion efficiency, the two upgraded modules’ efficiency is 0.2-0.3% higher, reaching up to 21.5%. They are widely applicable globally to meet local carbon emission reduction targets. Besides, the new products are perfectly compatible with local mainstream inverters.

Relied on first-rate product design, cutting-edge technology, and outstanding product value, in 2022, Trina Solar's full-black Vertex S stood out among around 10,000 entered products in 60-some countries, successfully earning the world's top design award, as the Red Dot winner 2022.


Customer value–oriented for a higher value in non-utility markets

Trina Solar’s product innovation has always been guided by customer needs, centering on customer value. The two upgraded Vertex products intensively serve non-utility segmented markets. They are leading worldwide especially in residential and commercial markets.

The 210mm rectangular silicon wafer (G12R) cell technology and superior module types launched in the industry for the first time by Trina Solar were developed based on P-type cell technology and design. But the new technology is applicable not only to the P-type, but also to all other new technology such as high-efficiency N-type cell technology, expected to increase power by another 3–5%, offering forward-looking and extensive compatibility, further driving down LCOE.

So far, Trina Solar’s 210mm Vertex product family already include 430W, 510W, 550W, 580W, 600W, 670W, and 690W products, used in all scenarios in non-utility and large utility power plants globally, supporting the world’s progress toward carbon neutrality.

Trina Solar will officially launch Vertex S 430W and Vertex 580W, two new upgraded products in May 11-13 in Intersolar Europe 2022.