Trina Solar outlines key strategies for driving PV industry towards a Net Zero Future

Trina Solar, a leading global PV and smart energy total solution provider, has stressed its clear commitment to leading the industry towards new levels of sustainability in every sense of the word. In a session themed The Road to a Sustainable Future with a number of major renewable energy investment companies, hosted by BloombergNEF in London in middle October, Trina Solar outlined its vision for advancing the way to a net-zero future by providing smart solar energy solutions.

The European Trina Solar team highlighted technological innovation, world-class quality standards, sound policies and knowledge sharing as key drivers for achieving a sustainable business and future-proofing Trina Solar’s leadership in the PV industry. The company’s strategy actively supports all relevant global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) shaped by the United Nations (UN). In addition, Trina Solar has joined the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi),

contributing to the common goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

Since the sustainable investment community demands supplier transparency as part of their own reporting standards, Trina Solar has been publishing annual CSR reports for many years. This year the company has been one of the first to adopt ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) reporting standards. As outlined during today’s event, as well as in Trina Solar’s latest ESG report, the company’s sustainable development path can be divided into the three broad categories of environment, society, and products & solutions.


Trina Solar is aiming to achieve 100% renewable energy use in manufacturing and operations by 2030, aligned with the UN’s SDG 7. By 2025, the company will cut greenhouse gas emission intensity of solar PV products by 50%, while reducing its energy and water consumption in production by at least 40% and 20%, respectively. Today, Trina Solar’s total carbon emissions during production, operation and R&D are remarkably less than total carbon emission offset by green electricity generation through Trina Solar PV stations, PV roof electricity generation, green electricity purchase and energy conservation.


Fully aware of its social responsibility as a big global solar PV player, Trina Solar has introduced strict supply chain management systems, ensuring full compliance with industry standards and the regulations of each market. The company integrates EHS (environment, health, and safety) and corporate social responsibility into all stages of the product life cycle.

Moreover, Trina Solar is pursuing a stronger vertical integration in its new manufacturing bases such as the integrated N-type factory in Qinghai province, China. The factory covers almost the entire PV manufacturing chain from polysilicon production to modules, thus inherently achieving maximum supply chain traceability.

Products & Solutions

Trina Solar is converting its entire annual module manufacturing capacity of currently 65+ GW to 210mm Vertex modules. The 210 Vertex family products (410–670W) have achieved an industry leading low carbon emissions assessment through ISO’s LCA (life cycle assessment), and carbon footprint qualification by renowned third-party certification bodies such as UL, EPD and Certisolis.

Recently announced to the market, the new Vertex N module, featuring N-type TOPCon cells, has the best potential to make a positive impact on carbon emission reduction, as well as levelized cost of electricity. Trina Solar is currently ramping up new capacity of Vertex N based on the latest 210mm cell technology, which will be fully available and delivered in Q1/2023, with 10GW+ capacity to be released then.

It goes without saying that Trina Solar’s long-lived practice of setting highest test and quality standards, backed by a comprehensive product warranty, are the best means to ensure longevity and reliability, as well as maximizing positive impact on the environment; resulting in world-class bankability ratings by BloombergNEF and other major players.

Driving transformation from the top

“The environmental challenges ahead of us require a major shift in mindset and leadership. The UN has defined clear Sustainability Development Goals, driving transformation from the top. Likewise, Trina Solar senior management has shaped a sustainable way of doing business from the beginnings of the company 25 years ago. We are fully aligned with the UN’s defined goals, and are contributing actively to reaching them”, says Gonzalo de la Viña, Head of Europe at Trina Solar.

De la Viña added, “As part of the PV industry, our responsibility and commitment is to drive technological innovation along the value chain to push for the transition into a carbon-free world. Our customers, especially renewable energy investors, have a high and increasing demand for ESG related information, not least because they are required to report on these topics to their own stakeholders. At Trina Solar we are more than ready to provide maximum transparency and traceability, because our sustainable way of doing business is deeply engrained in our DNA.”

Click to download Trina Solar's 2021 ESG report: