PV CellTech Extra: Trina Solar’s 210mm n-type cell tech leads solar industry

When PV CellTech Extra was held on October 11th, leading experts in solar industry attended this session online, including Martin Green, the father of photovoltaics, and Jana-Isabellel Polzin, from Fraunhofer ISE, the largest solar research institute in Europe. Dr. Daming Chen, Deputy director of Center for High Efficiency Solar Cell at Trina Solar, has told this online session of Trina Solar’s leading advantages and the most recent progress of 210 mm large-area industrial p-type PERC and n-type i-TOPCon solar cells & modules in mass production.

Trina Solar has devoted to the development and application of large-scale silicon wafer for many years. Its high-efficiency p-type cells achieves 24.5% in conversion efficiency. In March, Trina Solar brought the maximum efficiency of 25.5% for large-area 210 × 210mm i-TOPCon cells, setting a new world record for industrial large-area n-type i-TOPCon cell. In August, its proprietary Vertex high-efficiency n-type monocrystalline silicon module, based on 66 pcs of 210 mm x 210 mm high-efficiency n-type i-TOPCon cells, has achieved a world record by setting the n-type module aperture efficiency to 24.24%, which is the 25th world record in Trina.

Trina Solar set new records in 210mm large-area mass production in p-type cells and n-type cells, winning recognition from both technical institutions and customers.

The new generation n-type Vertex module, based on 210 technology, combines PACO technology to increase the power and efficiency. N-type cells feature low temperature coefficient, low power attenuation and higher bifacial power generation. Combined with the high reliability and high energy yield advantage of 210 modules, the power output can be as high as 690W. The new 210mm n-type i-TOPCon module has 3% performance ratio advantage over PERC. 210mm n-type cell tech promises big changes in how module power is delivered and paves the way for even lower LCOE. Vertex 690W ultra-high power module has gained great popularity overseas since its release.

To meet the increasing demand for 210mm n-type high-efficiency solar modules as well as upgrade the industrialization of n-type tech, Trina Solar will spare no efforts to develop and promote more n-type modules, maximizing customer value and providing high-value products for them. It is foreseen that 210mm n-type cell tech will lead the photovoltaic industry to quickly step into a higher level.