The Duomax Module

Duomax has a heat strengthened dual-glass structure to replace the conventional glass-and-backsheet structure. Higher power generation can be achieved with half-cut cell and multi-busbar technologies.

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Global leader in dual-glass technologies

Trina Solar is the first PV manufacturer to acquire the dual TÜV/UL certification and achieve mass production. Trina Solar has acquired 18 authorized patents related to dual-glass technology. The cumulative global shipments of Duomax modules ascend to nearly 3GW, putting Trina Solar at the forefront of the solar industry.   

Higher reliability and better durability

Duomax 120 half-cut cell modules adopt a heat strengthened dual-glass structure with strong anti-cracking capability. From intensive on-site testing, we found that more than 98% of the double-glass modules could achieve zero cracking. Duomax is ideal for harsh climatic conditions: its dual-glass design reduces UV ageing, degradation and corrosion. Moreover, half-cut technology with heat spot resistance feature will lower the risk of damage.

Lower power degradation

Compared to standard modules, Duomax offers a faster return on your initial investment with its 0.5% annual power degradation and an expected 25 percent greater lifetime energy production.

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