Vertex S+ 440W


  • Feature

    144 Cell


  • Feature


    Higher Power

  • Feature

    30 Years

    Longer Warranty

  • Feature

    More Generation

    9.6% More Energy Generation

With dual-glass and n type i-TOPCon cell technology.

Our dual-glass improves durability, fire resistance, performance and recyclability. Paired with our new n type-iTOPCon cell, this is the next generation of solar panel for residential and commercial projects. 

An incredible 30 year power warranty.

Dual-glass and n type i-TOPCon technology allow us to offer a 30 year power warranty and a 25 year product warranty.

It's sleek, easy to install and big on power.

The upgraded Vertex S+ offer excellent product performance along with innovative and design-inspired aesthetics.
Electrical Parameters:
Open Circuit Voltage 51.8V
Short Circuit Current 10.64A
Mechanical Parameters:
Dimensions: 1762x1134x30 mm
Weight: 21.0kg

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