Intersolar Europe 2015: Trina Solar breaking new ground

In addition to product presentations, the industry leader will provide virtual insight into its manufacturing and R&D and will showcase its high-tech sales support applications

Munich, June 9, 2015 – Trina Solar Limited (NYSE: TSL) ("Trina Solar" or the "Company"), a global leader in photovoltaic ("PV") modules, solutions, and services, is to set a new benchmark with its product and sales approach at Intersolar Europe 2015. Exhibiting at booth 290/hall A2, the industry leader will present its new products, including the high-efficiency module Honey M Plus as well as the new Trinasmart with black back sheet. Visitors can also look forward to a unique experience as Trina Solar takes them on a guided virtual reality tour, which will offer unprecedented access to the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing and its R&D facilities. In addition, Trina Solar will break new ground in supporting sales partners with innovative Augmented Reality (AR) applications.

New Products
The product highlights at the Trina Solar booth (hall A2/290) will include the high-efficiency module Honey M Plus with a power output of 290W, announced earlier this year. This record efficiency has been achieved by combining the PERC technology and 60 monocrystalline cells with advanced Honey surface texturing and five bus bars per cell.

Trina Solar will also introduce the new Trinasmart Black PV module. Its elegant design combines a black frame, a black back sheet and dark monocrystalline cells for a compelling visual appearance. The integrated Trinasmart technology optimises the energy output at module level and makes it particularly well suited for use on partially shaded rooftops.

Virtual Journey to the Trina Solar Campus
Using the latest in virtual reality (VR) technology, Trina Solar will provide partners and customers with a completely new experience taking them on a guided visit through the company's integrated campus as well as the renowned R&D laboratory. VR glasses will transport visitors to the middle of the production facilities where they will get even closer to production than in real life due to strict clean room requirements. The same is true for the virtual visit to Trina Solar’s State Key Laboratory for Photovoltaics, where the company’s groundbreaking technologies are developed.

New Ways in Supporting Sales Partners
Trina Solar will show a new Augmented Reality (AR) tool to support sales partners and installers in visualising PV systems and their performance after installation on a building. The application generates a 3D view of PV systems which, when viewed through a tablet PC, can be superimposed directly onto a building during a presentation with customers. In addition, the products can be viewed from all sides and the tool can also simulate the course of a day to show when and where shading might occur, or for live display of the electricity produced.

Special End Customer Offering in Cooperation with Tchibo
In addition Trina Solar will present a premium PV system package offering in cooperation with Tchibo for end customers. The offering includes the intelligent Trinasmart system, quality inverters and mounting systems as well as on-site consulting and installation by experts in the customer’s region. The offering, which is for German customers, will start online on 9th June and at Tchibo stores from 16th June. The three packaged offerings for PV systems of different sizes include quality components, installation and grid connection, thus mitigating possible end customer concerns of unforeseeable costs. Trina Solar will present the package offering, which includes the Trinasmart Black module, at Intersolar Europe.
“Trina Solar is renowned for innovative technology and highly efficient quality products. Therefore, this year we are inviting our partners and clients at Intersolar Europe to take a look behind the scenes of R&D and production taking them on a virtual journey directly to the Trina Solar campus. As an industry leader, in addition to developing new technologies we are also at the forefront of setting new benchmarks in service and introducing new ways in supporting our sales and installation partners,” said Ben Hill, Head of Europe and Africa at Trina Solar.


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