Cadland Estate Solar farm

Cadland Estate Solar farm

New Hampshire, United Kingdom


Providing solar power to Cadland Estate, its main enterprise being crop and livestock farming, was influenced by the need to promote sustainability, and to give aesthetic consideration to its status as a National Nature Reserve. Reducing emissions and encouraging sustainability in terms of energy consumption by solar power brought with it the added advantages of generating long term revenue for the Estate through the Feed-in Tariff, and providing employment.

Generating enough power annually to supply 1,000 local households the electricity will be sold back to the National Grid. Trina Solar supplied 17,857 TSM-PC14 Tallmax 280 watt modules on the 30 acre estate, bringing the capacity to 5MWp. Nine kilometres of mounting frames and 5,000 groundscrews were used and the installation created 30 local jobs.

Trina Solar’s experience in the field facilitated their relationship with Anesco who completed the project efficiently and in record time. For large scale solar farms, the taller than usual PC14 Tallmax modules are more cost-efficient, delivering more power per square metre of land coverage. They deliver high power even in low light and, consisting of 72 cells, require fewer mounting kits than the standard 60-cell modules. The PC14 modules successfully optimize the BOS costs for ground-mounted arrays.

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