Les Mées

Les Mées

Les Mées, Alpes de Haute Provence, France


Having attracted an investment of nearly 70 million Euros, the Mees project, initiated in late May 2010 and completed in January 2011, involved and provided work for 350 people for nearly a year in the development of these solar power stations. Built on on a 36 ha plot, the site involves the installation of 79,000 Trina Solar TSM-230PC05 modules  representing a power output of 18.2 MW (12 MW and 6.2 MW).

With an annual output of 26 million kWh, this site developed by Enfinity enables electricity to be supplied to almost 9,000 families per year and prevents the production of more than 9,200 tonnes of CO2 annually. Building these power stations on a plateau 800 metres above sea level was a challenge but also presented a concern: avoid an eyesore for the villages of Mees and Puimichel.

"The installation at Mees was designed from  the start to accommodate the Trina Solar panels. This was essential." - Alexandra Lybaert,  Business Development Director, Enfinity.

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