TrinaTracker Agile 1P gains IEC certification, compatible with 600W+ modules

Trina Solar has obtained IEC certification for its dual-row one in portrait (1P) tracker “Agile 1P” from the Certification Entity for Renewable Energy (“CERE”), a Europe-leading independent testing, simulation, certification and inspection body. The IEC certification on April 23 underlines again the industry's high regard for TrinaTracker’s excellent technology, durable performance as well as highly reliable product quality after its Vanguard series received IEC certification in January.

The Agile series, launched eight days before certification was granted, is a new member of the TrinaTracker family after the Vanguard series launched in December, which further enriches tracker application uses and upgrades TrinaTracker solutions. Agile 1P adopts features of higher reliability, greater energy output, optimized BOS and enhanced adaptability from its 1P dual-row design along with advanced wind engineering, multi-drive system, global exclusive patented bearing, shorter tracker configuration and advanced SuperTrack algorithm, which can deliver an extra yield gain up to 8%. 

TrinaTracker Agile 1P complies with the requirements of IEC 62817: 2014 + A1:2017 Photovoltaic system – design qualification of solar trackers. The IEC62817 standard consists of strict design requirements, test methods and ways of judging structural strength, tracking accuracy, reliability and durability of solar tracker, which means IEC62817 is regarded as a comprehensive and authoritative evaluation standard for solar trackers. TrinaTracker’s Agile and Vanguard series trackers have passed all major tests in the advanced large-scale simulation test laboratory of CERE, and passed more than 20 reliability assessments, including the functional test for tracking system, expediting circulation test, UV test, deformation test under static load, mechanical slip and recoil test, control cabinet vibration and impact test under transportation. The CERE certification team has more than 50 years’ professional experience in the renewable energy industry, providing renewable energy producers worldwide with testing, simulation and certification services.

"Trina Solar's latest Agile 1P tracker passed the IEC standards, which shows again Trina Solar's continuous devotion in high reliability research and compatibility with the module," said Miguel Martinez, Certification Manager at CERE.

Duan Shunwei, head of the tracker business unit of Trina Solar, said: “pioneering in the match of trackers with ultra-high power modules, we offer the new-generation of trackers compatible with 670W, 600W and 550W modules, leading to increased power gain, reduced LCOE and optimized system value.  TrinaTracker is dedicated to offering customers high-quality, reliable ultra-high power trackers and service, and will continue to promote technical innovation and industry-wide standardization of trackers to expedite further reduction of LCOE and ultimately deliver better returns to our customers.”

In addition, Trina Solar has received UL certification for its Vanguard 2P tracker, facilitating the promotion of Vanguard 2P in the United States. Vanguard 2P’s gaining both IEC and UL certification demonstrates the worldwide recognition of its superb quality, including its impeccable design.

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