Trina Solar shortlisted for UK Solar Power Portal Awards

Two Trina Solar power stations have been shortlisted for the “International PV Installation of the Year” award at the 6th annual UK Solar Power Portal Awards. 2018 will see 600 clean energy professionals from the UK and beyond competing for top prizes in 15 categories, culminating in a ceremony that will be held in Birmingham on 17 October.

The winner of the six shortlisted projects in Trina Solar’s category will be recognized as the most innovative and outstanding solar project completed outside the UK and Ireland since June 2017. This is the first time that Trina Solar has been shortlisted at this prestigious event.

The first shortlisted station is Trina Solar’s 40MW floating photovoltaic power station in the coal mining subsidence area of Nanping Town in Suixi, Huaibei City. This project applies Trina Solar’s “PV+” concept to create solar power that complements the fishing industry. More than 27,000 hours of power with a total output of about 1.091 billion kWh is expected to be generated in the 25 years after grid connection.

Trina Solar has also been shortlisted for its contribution to the 100 MW dual glass bifacial Huanghe Hydropower Development plant in Golmud City, Qinghai Province. Trina Solar provided 20MW PERC dual-core modules with tracker system to this project, which stands as the world’s largest bifacial and tracking project. According to the station’s power generation statistics, the bifacial modules will reduce LCOE by more than 19% in comparison to single-faced components.

Beyond energy efficiency and reliability, both projects are a testament to Trina Solar’s strong commitment to environmental protection and global solar innovation. The Suixi 40 MW station, for example, makes use of 1,500 acres of water surface formed by coal mining subsidence to provide clean electricity and promote long-term economic benefits to the local community.

Besides these floating projects that have garnered international recognition, this year has been an eventful and groundbreaking one for Trina Solar. In 2018, the company also launched TrinaPro, a PV solution which combines Trina Solar’s PERC dual-core or other high-efficiency photovoltaic modules with high-quality floating systems and premium inverters. This solution effectively expands and adapts PV application to local conditions while protecting the ecology of the water environment. Optimized for high-quality European tracking brackets, TrinaPro can help customers increase system power generation by up to 30% and reduce electricity costs by more than 10%.

Trina Solar is proud to have achieved international recognition for its excellence in global solar innovation and strives to continue bringing value to our customers, partners and the environment through renewable energy solutions.

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