Trina Solar has received a top rating of being fully bankable by industry experts in the latest annual module bankability report published by Bloomberg NEF (BNEF), the only module manufacturer to achieve this rating three times in a row. Bankability, as defined by BNEF, refers to the willingness of a bank to provide a term loan to a project that uses a specific module brand. As a fully bankable company, Trina Solar is viewed by banks and investors to be a reliable long-time partner in a highly volatile industry.

The study stacked 57 module manufacturers against each other and surveyed industry experts such as personnel from banks, funds, EPCs, independent power providers (IPPs) and technical advisers worldwide. When assessing the bankability of PV manufacturers, industry experts focused on the financial health of companies, their track records of modules in the field and manufacturers’ warranties. 

Subsequently, interviews on bankability and quality issues were carried out with quality inspectors and technical advisers to complement the survey results. Trina Solar’s final rating thus reflects its excellent track record of good financial health and stability, which further increases their credibility to banks and investors.

Executive Vice President of Trina Solar Rongfang Yin said that Trina Solar’s retention of the top spot for the third year in a row is not a coincidence. “[This rating] reflects a solid financial situation and healthy quality record, which are both valued by banks and investors around the world who are deeply involved in project financing,” said Mr. Yin. “This unbiased distinction may give additional reassurance to companies looking for a reliable long-time partner in an industry situation characterized by uncertainties.”

The BNEF report also quoted the PV Module Reliability Scorecard, published by DNV GL, where Trina Solar has emerged as “Top Performer” for the fourth consecutive time among global module manufacturers. The scorecard is the most comprehensive comparison of PV module reliability test results publicly available on the market today.

As the global leader in PV module production scale and market share, Trina Solar leads the industry with product excellence and quality service. BNEF’s rating is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing smart integrated solutions to all customers and partners through long-term global collaborations.

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