Trina Solar has emerged as the top new energy company on the list of the Top 100 Chinese Multinationals, recently released by the China Enterprise Confederation and the China Enterprise Directors Association (CEC/CEDA).  The prestigious list is curated annually and is widely recognized by the government, business, academic, and media sectors in China. With overseas assets of RMB 13.2 billion, Trina Solar is not only top in its industry but has clinched the 76th position overall. 

Additionally, Trina Solar has performed exceptionally well with a transnationality index of 34.37%, significantly higher than the average of 15.8%. Utilizing a formula that measures local and overseas revenue, assets and manpower, the transnationality index is a popular composite indicator that measures the extent of a company’s internationalization. Trina Solar’s high index reflects its extensive global reach with recorded overseas revenue of more than RMB 13.8 billion and over 2000 overseas employees the previous year. 

With more than 40 overseas affiliates, Trina Solar has expanded its upstream and downstream business to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. In 2017, Trina Solar launched a manufacturing plant with a capacity of 1 GW of solar PV cells in Vietnam, becoming the largest PV manufacturer in the Southeast Asian country. The end of the year also saw the company’s cumulative shipments of components exceeding 30 GW, ranking 1st in the world. 

In addition to global expansion, Trina Solar is also constantly optimising and digitizing its PV production in line with the solar power industry’s move towards smart manufacturing. In April 2017, the company signed an agreement with Alibaba to pool their strengths in the fields of photovoltaics and artificial intelligence. This allowed Trina Solar to increase production efficiency and its proportion of 1-grade products through big data, cloud computing and other technologies.  

This move ties in with its recent establishment of an industrial innovation center in Changzhou, China that aims to create an integrated platform for research into new energy Internet of Things. Trina Solar is proud to be recognized for its achievements and seeks to strengthen its international standing as a global leader in the PV industry as well as the smart energy field.

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