Trina Solar has recently launched an all-in-one solar kit in Australia, targeting the country’s mature residential and SME markets. While Trina Solar modules have long been supplied to the Australian rooftop market through local distributors, the launch of Trinahome―currently Australia’s only all-in-one solar power solution―marks the company’s continuous focus and fast-expanding foothold in the residential market.

Trinahome is a convenient, flexible and all-encompassing solar solution for individual consumers and SMEs. It comes in variations that cater to different roof sizes and a varying output between 3kW and 10 kW, and consists of solar modules, inverter and mounting all from Trina Solar and backed by the company’s warranties. One of its most unique features is the hybrid inverter, which affords the consumer the option to feed excess electricity into the grid or use it to recharge the batteries in an energy storage system.

“We see significant growth opportunities in Australia’s residential segment,” says Jun-Heong Ku, Trina Solar senior sales director for Asia Pacific & Middle East. “Customers here are increasingly adopting high technologies, including high efficiency cells and latest technology modules introduced by Trina Solar. In fact, Australian customers were the first to adopt out dual glass DUOMAX modules and bifacial PERC modules.”

Since Trina Solar’s entry into Australia in 2011, it has supplied more than 1.5 GW of solar capacity to the market. With a solid foothold in the utility market and an expansion into the residential market, Trina Solar projects continued growth and further opportunities in the Australian market.

“Trina Solar is a highly globalized company with 65% of its total sales volume outside China,” Ku added. “In addition to the Australian market, which is Trina Solar’s third largest in the Asia-Pacific region, projected growth in Latin America and Eastern Europe sees to the continued expansion of the company. This is one of the main reasons why China’s policy change to limit subsidy support for PV installations does not impact us at all.”

In addition to expanding within Australia’s residential solar sector, Trina Solar also actively engages with the country’s PV research scene. It works in close collaboration with the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and Australia National University (ANU) to drive research in solar energy technology such as PERC cells. As the world’s leading provider of smart integrated solar solutions, Trina Solar aims to help all customers adopt solar solutions safely and seamlessly through high quality products and dedicated customer service.

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