Climate change, caused by global warming, is the biggest issue affecting life on earth. The world needs to quickly transition away from fossil fuels, as a source of energy, and embrace renewable energy, such as solar, Trina Solar’s former chief scientist, Dr Pierre Verlinden, said recently on the sidelines of the All Energy Australia trade show in Melbourne.

“What is unique about Trina Solar is the company’s mission. Trina in Chinese is ‘Tian He’, which means ‘the heaven and earth together’ and the company’s mission is bringing solar energy to everybody. That is a very good mission and that is my mission in life too. That’s why I came to work for Trina Solar,” he says.

Verlinden says Trina Solar has continued to be a market leader in the development of new technologies for the global solar industry. “For example, Trina Solar was the first to introduce double-glass modules,” he says, adding that the company also helped to pioneer Mono PERC.

Trina Solar has been able to commercialize these new technologies and mass produce modules for customers in the residential, commercial, industrial and utility sectors.

Watch this video now to hear Verlinden discussing why it is so important for the global community to accelerate the adoption of solar energy and phase out fossil fuels.

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