Trina Solar has recently established an industrial innovation center at their headquarters in Changzhou, China. Officially opened on 17 August, the center aims to create an integrated platform for research into new energy IoT― a smart, interactive network of machines, sensors, data and the living environment.  Capable of optimizing and de-centralizing energy production and storage, IoT has become a key player in new energy markets globally. 

In line with renewable energy market shifts around the world, the center takes the lead in solving some of the sustainable energy challenges China faces today by driving research in new energy power generation and storage technology, as well as technology of smart terminals, energy management and energy cloud. It also brings together co-establishment partners from 16 leading companies and research institutes within and outside China, with an expert committee of 13 professionals led by Xiaoxin Zhou, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Honorable Dean of China Electric Power Research Institute. 

“The global energy system is experiencing a significant change, with solar power becoming the most widely installed renewable power source,” said Trina Solar Chairman and CEO Jifan Gao. “A new era of renewable energy IoT with a focus on distributed power generation as well as power storage and use is coming."

Trina Solar has invested 1 billion yuan into the center’s research and development over the next three years. By bringing together key players of the local and international new energy scene, the innovation center is a milestone for Trina Solar's development strategy of becoming a leader in the global energy IoT market. 

"The new industrial innovation center under Trina Solar's leadership will enable efficient interactions and cooperation between downstream and upstream players,” said Xiaoxin Zhou. “Trina Solar is committed to becoming a leader of energy IoT in the new era and has put the strategy of becoming the leader into action.”

This strategic move constitutes a small part of Trina Solar’s overarching goal to build win-win global partnerships and networks. The IoT innovation center is not Trina Solar’s first foray into energy innovation at a national level. Its State Key Laboratory of Photovoltaic Science and Technology, for example, assembles an international team of technical experts and has undertaken over 50 scientific research projects at all levels of the government. With more than 500 customers and partners in more than 100 countries around the world, Trina Solar continues to seek partnerships in technological innovation to develop industry-leading photovoltaic technologies and solutions. 

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