Trina Solar's Global Presence Softens Impact Of Tariffs


2018 has seen some unprecedented shakeups in the PV market as new solar product tariffs were introduced in many emerging regions. Though many solar companies have been heavily affected as they struggled to deal with higher costs, Trina Solar has thankfully managed to circumvent these tariffs thanks to its diverse global presence. For instance, the recent tariff hikes in India for China-produced solar products left Trina Solar unaffected as their manufacturing plants in Southeast Asia continued to meet demand with a competitive price model. 

In an interview with CNBC, Executive Vice President of Trina Solar Yin Rongfang said that while many Chinese solar companies utilize a globalized supply chain, Trina Solar gains a competitive edge through a strategic offshore production model. With manufacturing facilities in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Europe, Trina Solar has the ability to adjust supply chains depending on different countries’ tariffs, thus ensuring that prices stay low even in a volatile market.  

Mr Yin also added that while it is a common assumption that the solar industry is oversaturated, the sentiment only applies to older technology. New technologies and highly efficient products would always be in demand, something that Trina Solar is and will be continually be working towards in the years to come. 

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