Vertex solar modules

Vertex red and blue logo

Small in Size, Bigger on Power

Trinasolar's new generation Vertex S+ is based on n type i-TOPCon technology with 210mm advanced platform. It adopts 1.6*1.6mm ultra-slim dual-glass design. The product ensures the higher power generation, high reliability and safety, lightweight and easy to install. The monofacial NEG9R.28 comes with a white rear encapsulant for maximum output power, boasting up to 445Wp and reaching 22.3% efficiency. The transparent NEG9RC.27 is the preferred option for high-end aesthetic applications. This bifacial module features a front side power of 435Wp, at 21.8% efficiency. Both types feature a surface area of just under 2 square meters (1’762*1’134*30mm) and a black aluminum frame.