Trina Solar Solutions

It seems like the world is getting more complicated with each passing day.  That’s why Trina Solar offers all-in-one solutions to make solar project development easier from start to finish.  While you’re probably already familiar with our reputation as a Tier 1 solar module manufacturer, you may not know that we also proved full-service Utility and C&I solutions.

Aerial view of rooftop solar installation at university



Trina Solar C&I Solutions blue and red logo

The Trina Solar C&I Solutions team partners with EPCs and developers to make procurement easy and seamless. The all-in-one solution’s innovative bundling of modules, inverters and solar tracking systems delivers higher power gains and lower LCOE. 



TrinaPro product bundle with module, tracker, and inverter

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Utility Solutions

TrinaPro is the first smart PV solution with an optimized combination of Trina Solar’s industry-leading solar modules, state-of-the-art solar tracker systems, and world-class inverters...