With the launch of TrinaPro, Trina Solar continues to break new ground in the solar industry. One of the many innovative new features available through TrinaPro’s unique model includes the integration of solar procurement with project design.

By uniting the design and procurement processes of a utility-scale or C&I solar PV installation, TrinaPro helps solar developers achieve their project goals according to their timeline, price point, and desired energy output.

The Problems with Siloed Procurement and Project Design
As the old saying goes, “too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth,” and nowhere is this adage more prevalent than in the solar industry.

A diverse group of various stakeholders need to work together in order to get a solar PV installation up and running all while ensuring this complicated project gets completed efficiently. Before TrinaPro, the typical standard operating procedure involved one company being responsible for designing the project while a completely separate organization is tasked with component procurement, and still a third company manufactures the necessary modules and balance of system for the installation.

However, despite the best efforts of all parties involved in that model, when multiple organizations share responsibilities on a single project it can lead to a host of problems, some small and some quite big. From communication disconnects to scheduling snafus and from missed deadlines to budget overruns, any one of these can create major headaches for EPCs, developers and project investors. And all too often, one problem inevitably begets another one.

With so many moving targets and siloed stakeholders, getting everyone on the same page and keeping them there can be a nightmare.

TrinaPro’s Approach to Integrated Procurement and Project Design
TrinaPro overcomes these obstacles to efficiency by taking specific solar system components into consideration up front in the design process. With decades of experience in manufacturing industry-leading solar modules and components, TrinaPro’s in-house team of experts bring a specialized knowledge to the project design and procurement processes that they can then leverage to create a cohesive, cost-effective solar PV installation.

TrinaPro’s team simplifies the procurement and design process by offering design support in the earliest stages, providing input based on the best available products and technology to suit the project timeline and customer goals. This includes the top three components of the solar system, including Trina Solar’s industry-leading modules and smart solar PV systems, along with inverters and trackers.

By integrating solar procurement and project design in tandem with a dedicated in-house team, TrinaPro helps ensure PV system optimization while helping to reduce the need for infrastructure upgrades down the road.

Click here to learn more about how TrinaPro’s integration of procurement and project design leads to more cost-effective utility-scale and C&I solar PV installations.

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