“Oscar of Design” goes to Vertex S ultra-high performance rooftop module

With the advanced design concept “Small in Size, Big on Power” accompanied with modern craftsmanship as well as excellent product experience, Trina Solar’s Vertex S series products won the Red Dot Product Design Award 2022, making Trina Solar the first solar photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturer winning this honor in China.

Let us hear from the designer team of Vertex S their thoughts on clinching the award and their inspiration behind this innovation.

Q&A on the designer team of Vertex S

Q: Congratulations to Vertex S series for winning the 2022 Red Dot Design Award! How does it feel to be the designer of this award-winning product? What is the significance of this award to Trina Solar's product design team?

Design Team: We are very honoured to receive the Red Dot design award. Vertex S modules are designed and developed specifically for the high-end residential rooftop market, combining excellent product performance and aesthetic appearance design. We always believe that the competitive product is our key strength and this award is a recognition of our product and a motivation for our design team to keep innovating.

Q: What are the design inspirations and concepts of Vertex S Full Black modules?

A: The design inspiration comes from the customer's pursuit of architectural aesthetics. The Vertex S Full Black module aims to complement the appearance of the customer's building, in harmony with the building, so that the products can be integrated into different styles of building roofs, and become an integral part of the architectural aesthetics.

Trina Solar’s Vertex S Full Black module (Module Code: DE09.05)

Design Team: Our products come with the concept of Green Technology Experience, our design comes from our customers' needs and latest trends, and we are dedicated to bring aesthetics to one of the standard of a greener future.

Q: Did you encounter any difficulty in the design process of this product? How did you finally solve the design bottleneck? Did the final outcome differ much from your initial planning?

A: To achieve the real aesthetic module appearance effect, the most prominent difficulty is solving the problem of colour difference between cells in the module. This bottleneck was finally broken through the joint technical research with our research & development teams.

Design Team: The product presentation is highly consistent with our planning. Trina Solar is the leading supplier of distributed module products. Thanks to the excellent product development capability, strong manufacturing capability and professional quality control, we are very confident in our products.

Q: Were there any interesting or memorable stories during the design process?

A: The validation phase coincided with the Lunar New Year in 2021. Our team gave up the opportunity to spend time with family to ensure the product passed the design review and was subsequently widely accepted by our customers. The design development input became a very memorable experience.

After the upgrade, the power of the new generation Vertex S increased by up to 30W. The maximum conversion efficiency of new Vertex S series is up to 21.8%. They are the first to be applied in the global distributed scenario.

Both new upgraded products can match perfectly with the global mainstream inverter brands and can be applied to all types of rooftops in full distributed scenarios. This new addition to the Vertex S series will deliver higher customer value and lead the industry with advanced technologies again.

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