Understanding SPLITMAX

Solar panels extract energy from light not heat, and heat reduces solar efficiency. As long as the Sun is hitting onto the solar panel, it will generate electricity - no matter how cold or warm the weather is; and this includes shading on solar panels. It makes sense when a shadow cast on a solar panel, its power output decreases.


There is a popular example; where strings of solar cells are explained using water pipes. The rate of water flow within the pipes are constant throughout, unless there is a clog (shade). Upon having the clog, water flow will be restricted and current will be reduced. This leads to reduction in performance level, and in the past, people are afraid to install in anywhere with shades.


Identifying these problems, Trina Solar a leading global total solutions provider for solar energy, we have innovated SPLITMAX module that employs half-cut cells. SPLITMAX have a better shading tolerance compared to normal panels. This technology utilizes splits junction boxes, and there is a unique interconnection system for a greater energy output and loss minimisation.


Some SPLITMAX features include:

- Mono and Multicrystalline halfcut cells

- Power output 285 - 410W

- Up to 20% Module Efficiency

- 0~+ 5W Power Output Tolerance

- Light Redirecting Film integrated to achieve higher power bin


Trina Solar’s SPLITMAX is also certified to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions. We have tested over 30 in-house tests, like PID resistant, 100% EL double inspection and more.


Trina Solar’s innovations continue to actively contribute to lower energy costs in all environment and simultaneously improving system performances. To understand more or enquire about our products, please contact: Trina Solar APAC.

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