Powering ahead to a zero-carbon future


Another year has just flown by, and I think we at Trina have done well in not just keeping up with events but being ahead of them, too. As we approach the new year, allow me to take this opportunity to express my best wishes to all of our partners and friends in no matter what sphere and no matter where they are for all of your interest in Trina’s development this year and indeed for your tremendous support.


2020 delivered us challenges aplenty, including a dreadful pandemic that has reminded us of our responsibility as global citizens to act together, but also many moments where we could quietly celebrate our successes. All our staff, Trina People through and through, were put to the test, and all grew rapidly as a result. Spurred on by our mission of “solar energy for all”, we moved closer to realizing our dream.


This year we listed on the China stock market in the science & technology innovation board of the Shanghai stock exchange. Its a great moment for us, and the starting point of a new venture, a journey that Trina’s People will make side by side with a common goal in sight.


This year our bent for innovation took on yet another spurt of life. The average efficiency of Trina’s mass-produced high-efficiency monocrystalline bifacial P-PERC cells reached 23.22%, the highest conversion efficiency in the industry for mass-produced P-PERC cells.


At the same time, our pioneering products once again showed the way forward for the whole of our industry. We celebrated the global release of Trina Solar’s ultra-high-power 600W+ Vertex module series, which ushered the Chinese PV industry into the 6.0 era of ultra-high power. We pioneered the building of production capacity approaching 10GW for our Vertex modules, evolving a dazzling array of product lines. And we completed the full acquisition of the tracker business Nclave, enabling us to supply complementary tracker solutions for our 600W+ ultra-high-power modules to customers worldwide.


With industry partners we also developed a strategic eco-system of innovation. We led the formation of The 600W+ Photovoltaic Open Innovation Ecological Alliance, which has more than 60 member companies covering every link in the industry chain.


Of course, we are full of gratitude for all that this year has brought us. We thank all of our hardworking staff and all of our friends and partners in many spheres who have supported us along the way. Without all of you, the growth we have enjoyed – which after all underwrites our continued success – would be  impossible.


To all of us in the PV business who aspire to “solar energy for all”, our long-held dream of a low-carbon, zero-carbon world has finally become reality, but of course we still have much more to do.


Looking to the year ahead, Trina Solar will push through the development of a new model of integrated PV and stored energy; strengthen the coordinated development of PV systems and the IoT; and find innovative technologies to integrate generation, storage, hydrogen power, smart distribution and the use of intelligent energy. We will explore practical Chinese solutions in line with  the low-carbon revolution and harness what we could call our Trinability to  build a carbon-free, new-energy world.


At the end of this year of mixed blessings we would again like to extend our condolences and sympathy to all of you who have endured hardship and personal sorrow as a result of the pandemic.


Now, as the hours, minutes and seconds tick down to 2021, we know that a new year brings new hopes and even loftier dreams. As we dream those dreams, let’s work hard together to realize them as together we head toward a zero-carbon future!



Gao Jifan

Chairman of Trina Solar

31th Dec. 2020