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Effective energy management has become a cornerstone for sustainable storage across the globe. The intricate interplay of energy sources, consumption patterns, and environmental concerns requires precise control, vigilant monitoring, and seamless optimization of energy flows. This level of management ensures reliable power supply, optimised operations of battery systems and also paves the way for reduced wastage for a greener tomorrow.


What is Trina Storage's E²MS?

E²MS is Trina Storage’s proprietary energy management system. It’s a game-changing solution designed to redefine the operational landscape of grid-scale battery energy storage systems. With the fusion of advanced software and dedicated hardware interfaces, E²MS introduces a new era of efficiency.



By effortlessly integrating with Trina's grid-scale BESS, E²MS empowers users to orchestrate energy demands with unprecedented control. From real-time analytics to historical data interpretation, E²MS embodies a holistic approach to energy management, encouraging informed decisions and maximising system performance. As we delve deeper, let's unravel the layers of innovation that make E²MS a driving force in energy management evolution.


A Layered System Architecture



E²MS gives visibility and control at all levels of the BESS with the core components including the Plant Controller, Group Controller, Operations & Maintenance tools plus Market Interfaces.


The benefits of Trina Storage E²MS

Trina Storage's EMS brings a best-in-class value proposition to the market, offering a multitude of benefits that can transform the energy landscape. Let's delve into the top three advantages that set this system apart.

(1) Optimised integration

Seamlessly designed to unlock the full potential of the Elementa BESS, E²MS’s integrated approach not only optimises the BESS but also extends its reach to power plant resources such as PCSs, transformers, substations, and renewable resources. This synergy generates a harmonious energy ecosystem where all components work in tandem, yielding heightened efficiency, enhanced reliability, and unprecedented output.

(2) Cost-effectiveness redefined

At the heart of Trina Storage's EMS is a commitment to cost-effectiveness. By maximising the optimization of storage systems and assets, the EMS streamlines operations to minimise operating costs. This approach ensures that energy resources are utilised effectively, avoiding wastage and promoting sustainability. The result is an economic advantage that makes the transition to greener energy solutions not only environmentally responsible but financially beneficial as well.

(3) Enhanced accessibility

Accessibility forms a cornerstone of E²MS. With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, this system simplifies the entire project lifecycle. From commissioning and operation to maintenance, users can navigate the system with ease, reducing efforts and minimising the learning curve. This accessibility translates to more efficient energy management, allowing stakeholders to focus on strategic decision-making rather than grappling with complex interfaces.



Class-leading energy management

The EMS optimises the power plant with vital components that orchestrates energy resources with innovative precision capability. Seamlessly blending hardware and software working in tandem to offer unmatched energy management. Here are the key attributes that position the Power Plant Controller at the forefront of energy management solutions:

Real-time efficiency enhancement

The integrated design facilitates seamless communication between cells and the entire system. This real-time monitoring and control drive optimal energy efficiency. By bridging the gap between data and action, it ensures that your operations function at their peak, making the most of every energy resource.

Experience meets performance

Designed by a seasoned team with over 100 years of combined experience in energy storage, power systems, and controls, this guarantees top-tier performance and unwavering predictability. This amalgamation of expertise translates into a reliable system that delivers consistent results, irrespective of the challenges.

Alert-driven assurance

Safety and transparency are of paramount importance in energy management. It goes above-and-beyond by implementing real-time alarms and continuous fault detection for energy storage systems. Its automatic remediation and actionable alerts ensure proactive intervention, minimising downtime and guaranteeing a secure and stable energy ecosystem.

Tomorrow's solutions today

In a world of constant technological evolution, EMS functionalities embrace a forward-looking design. It is primed to adapt to emerging technologies and industry transformations, ensuring that your energy management system remains at the cutting edge of innovation, both now and in the future.

Navigating complexity with ease

Simplicity meets sophistication with its intuitive interface. Designed with operators in mind, it empowers customers and operators to monitor and control complex energy storage systems effortlessly by integrating hardware and software controls. This user-centric approach transforms intricate management tasks into manageable actions, ultimately enhancing the overall efficiency of your operations.



Underpinned by streamlined project management

At the core of Trina Storage's E2MS lies a strategic approach to project management that underpins its efficiency and effectiveness when you need it most. E²MS encompasses a comprehensive toolkit that seamlessly guides you through each stage of the project lifecycle, ensuring a smooth journey from inception to sustained operational excellence, including:

Precision from the outset

E²MS doesn't just start when the system goes live, it begins with meticulous planning. Through pre-commissioning simulation and validation, the system is subjected to a virtual test-drive. This meticulous preparation optimises project plans, minimising uncertainties, and allowing for a more confident deployment.

Swift launch capabilities

The power of automation takes centre stage as E²MS guides you through project configuration, deployment, and testing. This automation streamlines what could otherwise be a complex and time consuming process. The result? A swift and efficient launch that minimises manual intervention and potential errors.

Continuous system improvement

E²MS is not just about deployment, it's about long-term reliability. Integrated data logging records the intricacies of system performance, ensuring a data-rich environment for continuous improvement. Extended performance validation support ensures that your system consistently meets its operational benchmarks, maintaining the promised efficiency throughout its lifecycle.

Future-proofed investment

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, stagnation is not an option. E²MS takes this to heart, providing regular software updates and service enhancements that keep your system at the forefront of innovation. This forward-thinking approach future-proofs your investment, allowing your system to evolve with the industry.



Trina Storage's E²MS delivers groundbreaking innovation in grid-scale BESS by offering a comprehensive approach that includes optimised integration, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced accessibility. With real-time efficiency and a design that is primed and ready for the energy evolution, E²MS not only paves the way for a greener tomorrow but ensures reliable power supply and reduced wastage leveraging smart informed decision-making capabilities.

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