As phase I of 511MW project is connected to grid, TrinaTracker’s Vanguard 1P makes Uzbekistan greener

The Samarkand and Jizzakh solar power plants in Uzbekistan have recently connected their initial units to the grid for power generation. They have combined installed capacity of 511MW. TrinaTracker exclusively supplied both plants with 11,248 sets of Vanguard 1P trackers and the supporting Trina Smart Cloud digital SCADA platform at tracker level.

The two plants were developed and built by Abu Dhabi Future Energy Co, also known as Masdar, and contracted by International Cooperation Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Dongfang Electric Corporation.


The 511MW plant in Uzbekistan. (Photo: TrinaTracker)


Uzbekistan, previously reliant on thermal power, faced frequent outages. However, its central location and abundant sunlight led to a shift toward solar energy, with government support. As a result of such support and Uzbekistan's natural advantages, the country has become a key player in Central Asia's solar PV market.

TrinaTracker signed the contract for this project in April 2023, its second major project in Uzbekistan after the Navoi solar power plant in 2021. Once the project is fully connected to the grid it will generate 1.12 billion kWh a year, powering 240,000 households and cutting carbon dioxide emissions by more than 1 million tons a year. This will help greatly reduce local power supply shortages and advance Uzbekistan's clean energy transition.

TrinaTracker's Vanguard 1P tracker, deployed in the project, is renowned for its adaptability to diverse terrains, delivering high energy yield and reliability and reducing investment costs. Its innovative contracted tube design and Trina's patented spherical bearings cut installation time by 20%.

TrinaTracker guarantees top-of-the-line customer service and brand excellence, with specialists promptly dealing with technical inquiries. These specialists have cooperated deeply with clients in Uzbekistan and Abu Dhabi, ensuring optimal solutions for technical challenges. Particularly in the face of tight delivery deadlines and heavy shipping demands, Xu Xiaojun, TrinaTracker's overseas project engineer, praised the supply chain team's hard work in delivering high-quality products ahead of schedule. TrinaTracker customers have lauded the company for its quick response, advanced technical assistance and flawless delivery performance.

This achievement marks a significant milestone for TrinaTracker in supporting the energy transition in Central Asia. TrinaTracker will continue to promote the development of clean energy through innovation and contribute to the promotion of the global energy transition.