Trina Solar again on the 2019 World Internet of Things top 500 list

On November 1, 2019, the Top 500 IoT (World Internet of Things) list was issued by the World Internet of Things convention. Trina solar has been included on the Top 500 list, the second year in a row that it has achieved the feat.  

Trina Solar was also ranked among the top 35 most innovative power companies.

In March last year Trina Solar released the Trina IoT brand and launched the Trina Energy IoT Industry Development Alliance. In August the New Energy IoT Industry Innovation Center was established at Trina Solar’s headquarters in Changzhou, Jiangsu province. The center aims to build a new research and innovation platform in the new energy IoT field by developing innovative systems such as new energy generation and storage technology, smart terminal, energy management and Energy Cloud technology with the combined strength of leading domestic and foreign enterprises and research institutes.

In February this year Trina Solar established a new energy IoT R&D center that is committed to creating a new type of platform for technological innovation and knowledge sharing in an open, collaborative, constructive and communal way. Trina IoT strives to create integrated Energy IoT solutions covering generation, storage, distribution, application and the cloud.

Based on the smart Energy Cloud platform, it will thoroughly connect energy generation, storage, distribution network and consumption, making energy flow, value creation and energy equipment interconnected in an interactive and shared smart energy network to achieve integrated energy management and control, and ultimately provide users with various smart and efficient energy services.

The World Internet of Things Ranking List was established in 2017 by the World Internet of Things Convention and the World Internet of Things Foundation. Its aim is to promote the development of the global IoT industry and the construction of its network system, encourage global company to transform and upgrade towards the IoT, help with the realization of smart life and intelligent work of people worldwide, create a sustainable new world economy of the IoT, and help build a shared future for mankind.

The 500 on this list were picked from a selection of more than 1,200 outstanding companies first chosen from tens of 5G IoT companies and product vendors such as China Mobile, China Unicom, Huawei, Intel, Nokia and Qualcomm.