With its high-power products, Trinasolar continues to lead in 700W+ era

700W+ high-power modules dominate PV shows, with 70% of mainstream manufacturers displaying 700W+ modules

As one of the photovoltaic trade's most important shows, the SNEC PV Power Expo, drew to a close in Shanghai recently, the product trend in the industry became ever clearer: 700W+ modules dominate such shows. More than 43 manufacturers exhibited 700W+ modules at the SNEC, accounting for 70% of mainstream manufacturers, according to the media outlet Ofweek Photovoltaic. All the 700W+ modules on show were equipped with n-type technology. Sixty-two mainstream exhibitors displayed more than 360 modules at the SNEC, n-type modules accounting for more than 86% of the total.

About 85% of mainstream manufacturers showcased TOPCon modules at the show, and the number of modules equipped with TOPCon technology accounted for 66.3% of all modules exhibited. This supported a recent observation by the global market intelligence provider TrendForce that TOPCon technology now dominates the n-type cell market.

At the SNEC Trinasolar exhibited modules based on advanced 210 technologies and integrated i-TOPCon, TSHJ and all back-contact technologies, with power output exceeding 760W+, showing its substantial technical reserves across multiple technological pathways.


Trinasolar pushed the industrialization and standardization of 700W+ modules

Trinasolar is a pioneer in combining the 210mm product technology platform and n-type i-TOPCon cell technology. The company promotes the use of TOPCon cell technology from the laboratory to industrialization. It was the first company to mass produce TOPCon modules with power exceeding 720W.

Trinasolar advocates the standardization of large-format PV modules. Among the 63 700W+ modules on display at the SNEC, more than 93% of them were in a 2384mm x 1303mm format, underlining the fact that consensus has been reached on 700W+ ultra-high-power large-format modules being a standard.


Trinasolar’s high-quality products continue to show the way

In an assessment conducted earlier, Vertex N 720W series modules were shown to reduce LCOE by 1.79% compared with 182-72 reference modules.  The Vertex N 720W series module has been rated a Top Performer in all seven tests by the certification service Kiwa PVEL. Only three other models out of the 380 modules tested also enjoy this distinction.

“Our Vertex N 720W series modules are endowed with high energy yield, high efficiency, high reliability, high performance and low LCOE, and our modules have been proven with greater customer value, pointing the direction for the industry”, said Cao Yunduan, head of global brand and marketing.

Trinasolar has upgraded the 700W+ PV Open Innovation Ecological Alliance to drive this advance, which will improve supply chain efficiencies, boost production and reduce costs throughout the industrial chain, and accelerate the industrialization of 700W+ products, reduce LCOE and maximize value to customers.

The PV industry is clearly moving toward adopting high-power and large-format modules. With the 210mm n-type technology, Trinasolar has propelled the industry into the 700W+ era, and the company, with its mission of “Solar Energy for All”, is committed to delivering higher value to the industry and solar energy users, existing and potential, worldwide.