Residential Solutions

Why choose solar energy for your home?


Transforming your home with solar energy isn't just about sustainability—it's a smart move that cuts your carbon footprint, trims electricity bills, and proves a savvy investment.


Our quality promise

Trina Solar Vertex S+ panels come with an industry-leading 30-year Power Warranty, which is backed by a track record of reliability and performance. We oversee quality control at every step of the supply chain. Every Trina Solar panel goes through rigorous in-house testing as well as independent third-party inspection and certification.

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residential solar panel systems

Our smart solar solution for your rooftop

As industry leaders in design and innovation, our aim is to offer solar solutions that are high-performing yet budget friendly and applicable to a variety of needs. That’s why we’ve designed every product keeping in mind space constraints, shading issues, budget limitations, and various other challenges.


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