TrinaPro is a one-stop smart photovoltaic solution developed by Trina Solar for large-scale power stations, covering different terrain, different slopes, different wind speeds and other complex application scenarios. The system integrates three core products: high-efficiency components, intelligent tracking system and reliable inverter. The system innovatively provides customers with hardware system design, software function integration, integrated services and intelligent operation and maintenance services.

Better system availability
Scenario-based component optimization and optimal design, rigorous and authoritative system compatibility test, highly reliable structure (drive and bearing) design.
Higher power generation guarantee
The power generation efficiency guarantee provides power generation guarantee during the operation period, the intelligent algorithm brings additional power generation gain of 1-2%, and the added power of complex terrain is up to 6%.
Lower system cost
500W modules and large longer string tracker design bring a significant reduction in BOS cost (3-5%), rapid installation brings a significant saving in labor costs (compared to traditional installation, saving 5%), and unique cable arrangement method reduces cable usage and labor hours.
More intelligent operation and maintenance
TrinaPro proprietary operation and maintenance SCADA platform integrates remote control of the trackers, which can achieve more elaborate (component level in the future) fault diagnosis, operation and maintenance suggestions, and combines closed-loop tracking algorithms, Integrated intelligent cleaning, in order to greatly increase power generation.

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