TrinaPro: The Next Major Step Forward for Solar

The TrinaPro solution ensures the value of commercial and utility-scale solar projects through improved PV component reliability and optimized system performance.

TrinaPro commercial solar tracker, modules, and inverter

TrinaPro’s C&I Solutions

No matter the shape or size of a C&I PV system, TrinaPro’s C&I Solutions makes it easy for developers and EPCs. 

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TrinaPro utility tracker, modules, and inverter

Utility Solution

TrinaPro combines Tier-1 PV modules, trackers and inverters into an all-in-one smart solar solution.

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Higher IRR chart

Ensure Project Value

TrinaPro is the result of decades of experience and expertise from Trina Solar, a proven and bankable module manufacturer. As an all-in-one smart solar solution, TrinaPro combines industry-leading components with intelligent O&M services to ensure solar project value. 

This means hardware & software integration reduces BOS costs 8-15% while better energy gains and a lower LCOE optimize CAPEX and improve project ROI.

TrinaPro tracker with module on top in ground solar installation

Improve Project Reliability

Project reliability is crucial for success. TrinaPro helps developers mitigate risks and improve reliability throughout a solar project with:

  • High-quality solar components

  • Extensive quality control

  • Guaranteed component availability

  • Flexible site compatibility to handle complex terrains

  • On-time delivery

When bundled together in the TrinaPro Solution, these features improve overall project reliability, driving additional value for solar developers and financiers.

View from below a solar panel installation

Optimize Project Performance

It’s not enough to simply build a PV system, performance must also be optimized. 

That’s why TrinaPro works as a turnkey solar solution, making it easier to assemble while still maximizing PV system efficiency. TrinaPro ensures component interoperability and grid interconnection to reduce pain points during installation. Trina modules, coupled with trackers and inverters and monitored with advanced O&M services, enable optimized assembly, workflow, logistics and O&M.

TrinaPro guidebook cover

TrinaPro Solution Guide Book

Want to learn more about how TrinaPro delivers a better solution for your project?

The TrinaPro Solution Guide Book provides more in-depth insight into the benefits and value that developers, financiers and EPCs gain when they partner with Trina Solar on this major step forward for the industry.

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