The push for renewable energy integration is not new (in fact, Trina has been at the helm of this push for 25 years!). However, the recent achievements toward reaching grid parity are indeed game changers, putting renewable energy as a direct competitor to the traditional electricity grid for the first time. This milestone resulted from years of hard, dedicated work toward smart solar solutions. 

But what, precisely, is grid parity? And more to the point, what solutions have enabled us to reach this next step?


Reaching Grid Parity

Grid parity is the harmonizing of renewable power and cost. Essentially, grid parity is reached once a renewable power source can generate power at a levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) competitively with that of the traditional electricity grid. And while cost and decarbonization are certainly benefits of this transition, the additional improvements such as dependability, durability, and flexibility cannot be argued with.

The increasingly extreme natural conditions threaten the traditional electricity grid daily, causing ongoing damage and power failures. However, solar solutions can overcome the current problems with the grid. One example includes solar paired with battery storage in a microgrid that can island its power supply during outages to provide communities with power even if the primary electricity grid fails. This attribute offers limitless and unrestricted value. 

Benefits like this are surging demand, but installing more and more PV modules alone won’t suffice. To usher more and more communities toward grid parity, solutions are required that optimize the process from procurement to component interoperability to customizable integration on any scale. 

This is where Trina’s 25 years of solutions-building experience comes in. You might even say that Trina Solar has been building for this moment since its founding.


Trina Solar’s Smart Solutions

As mentioned, it is not just about installing suitable PV modules but about seamless overall integration. Because of this, Trina has made technologies to support and facilitate solar power generation optimization across markets and at every level.

TrinaPro, for instance, is an all-in-one utility-scale solar solution that not only streamlines the procurement process for financiers, developers, and EPCs but also improves purchase order management, supply chain logistics, and installation processes. This solution delivers higher power gains from the get-go, ensuring the right pieces are in place from the start of the process. Additionally, TrinaPro’s innovative bundling of modules, inverters, and tracking systems continues to provide ongoing lower LCOE.

But Trina’s solutions aren’t limited to just the utility-scale TrinaPro. By teaming partners with EPCs and developers, Trina Solar’s C&I Solutions maximizes the value of commercial solar projects, making installations simpler, faster, and more efficient. From community solar projects to microgrids, Trina’s C&I Solutions are ideal for optimizing ground-mount or rooftop projects and reducing project LCOE. Not to mention, the TrinaTracker uses a patented spherical bearing mechanism, which reduces the chances of future operational risks. For both utility and C&I projects, the TrinaTracker tailors the design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of fixed tilt systems and trackers, establishing it as the new standard for performance for large-scale solar projects. 

Our residential solar solutions let installers give their customers energy peace of mind. The highly reliable and efficient Vertex S and Vertex S+ panels deliver higher power gains and more value. The industry-leading TrinaProtect 25-year performance and product warranty program automatically covers the panels. 


Making it Easy

This type of efficiency and control has long been the problem when seeking to maximize performance and reliability with lower costs. Technological synthesis across all aspects of distributed energy has either been too expensive or too difficult, relying on procuring components from a wide range of suppliers and subjecting the process to constant installation and interconnection delays. These variables and more have traditionally kept such solutions out of reach for many communities or projects. Again, years of work have put Trina at the forefront of not only these technologies but also the ease at which they can be acquired, installed, and managed. 


The result: Trina’s Solar Megawatt Box—A pre-designed and pre-engineered PV package, including the following high-quality components needed to quickly and easily assemble a 5MW solar project:

  • Trina Vertex Bifacial PV Modules

  • TrinaTracker Vanguard 2P Single-Axis Tracker

  • String Inverters

  • The TrinaPro Solution of services and up to two weeks of technical field support

  • Financing options for direct ownership or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)


This is power. Additionally, it is efficient and straightforward. By bundling high-powered Vertex PV modules, Sungrow string inverters, and the state-of-the-art TrinaTracker with the TrinaPro smart solar solution in a pre-engineered system ready to assemble, Trina Solar has put this power in your hands. 


Real Power is Here

Trina Solar has helped usher in a new era of grid parity thanks, in part, to its series of smart solutions. For the first time, you can eliminate the guesswork, time, labor, and money spent on procuring and engineering designs for site-specific solar and tracker projects and enjoy the lowest LCOE and best value for your energy needs.

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