Celebrating over 2 million solar installations in the U.S.

The U.S. recently achieved a major milestone by surpassing 2 million solar installations, according to the latest data from the Solar Energy Industries Association and Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables.

This landmark represents a significant boom in the growth of this vital industry. While it took 40 years for the U.S. to reach 1 million installations, the country managed to double that feat in only three years. Further, analysts forecast the current number of installations to double again by 2023.

At 43 percent, California accounted for the bulk of the installations during the past three years, and the Golden State remains poised to continue this run at the top of the list. However, other states showed a significant amount of growth, such as South Carolina, Texas, Florida, Utah and Maryland, with Illinois expected to experience substantial increases as well. During the next five years, experts predict that the top 10 state markets after California will add nearly 750,000 installations.

As this $17 billion industry keeps developing and expanding, solar stands ready to become the dominant energy source for the country.


Trina Solar is proud to contribute to this growth

Many companies, organizations and individuals worked together to exceed 2 million installations, and Trina Solar is proud to play a role in this momentous achievement.

From solar power plants for California agricultural operations to commercial installations at hotels in Maryland, Trina Solar has shipped more than 6 GW of PV modules to the U.S. since 2012. These installations have played a pivotal role in reducing energy bills for families and companies, as well as reducing the carbon footprint of businesses and utility-scale energy providers.

In addition to producing cleaner, renewable energy than ever before for the country, the solar industry remains a consistent source of good jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities. Plus, solar PV installations do wonders for revitalizing communities and repurposing sites not suited for commercial or residential development.


Looking ahead to a brighter future

Clearly, this surging growth in solar power is more than just a fad as the industry positions itself as an indispensable source of energy for the country. Trina Solar remains more committed than ever to the U.S. solar market and looks forward to installing more gigawatts each year.

This commitment extends beyond just manufacturing the highest quality solar panels, such as the DUOMAX and TALLMAX modules. Recently, Trina Solar took a major step forward with the introduction of TrinaPro, an innovative one-stop solar shop model that provides more long-term value to EPCs, developers and financiers of utility-scale projects.

TrinaPro demonstrates Trina Solar’s dedication to providing renewable energy for the U.S. utility-scale segments. For those who partner with the company on TrinaPro, they receive more technical and on-the-ground expertise from a project’s inception through its operation, and every step along the way. This partnership helps lower up-front costs, boost product performance and mitigate risk.

As the country readies itself to go from installing a solar system once every 10 minutes in 2010 to up to one installation per minute by 2024, Trina is excited to work with the rest of the industry in hitting the next important milestone for the U.S. solar market.

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