Trina Solar is proud to announce the approval of its TS4 connector for SolarEdge products.

Up to this point, inter-mate connectors have been incompatible with connectors that do not have the same likeness (for example, a TS4 and MC4).

Now though, Trina Solar can claim full compatibility and intermateability between SolarEdge products and the Trina TS4 connectors. 

The Many Benefits of Trina Solar’s TS4 Connector

Trina Solar’s TS4 connector offers multiple benefits for solar developers and EPCs.

First, the TS4 connector standardizes the connectors across all of Trina’s regular products. 

The more standardization you can fit into a solar PV system, the better the chances for improved system efficiency. 

The TS4 connector also overcomes problems that lead to different legacy connectors not properly connecting to certain module leads, and therefore not passing AHJ inspections. 

Together, the innovative TS4 helps reduce the chance for interconnection problems that can lead to scheduling delays.

What Trina’s TS4 means for Residential and C&I Solar

In addition to the compatibility and intermateability of the TS4 connector, it also maintains the high standards delivered with all Trina Solar products. This makes them an ideal fit for the residential and C&I markets.

When compared to other connectors, the TS4 either matches or surpasses all electrical and physical features, such as rate voltage, safety class, rated current and more.

The TS4 is manufactured with high-quality materials that guarantee long-term reliability. 

The TS4 also has lower contact resistance and higher current transfer capability to ensure better efficiency.

“With SolarEdge such a prominent player in the solar industry, this compatibility will provide greater opportunities for developers to expand in both the residential solar and C&I markets,” said Ryan Simpson, Trina Solar Head of Product Management and Marketing in America.

The current global crisis is creating uncertainty and disruptions in the solar supply chain, making it extremely difficult to requisition other connectors moving forward. Thankfully, the TS4 connectors will be hitting the market at the perfect time, and SolarEdge will be taking orders on their website in advance. This will help ensure projects efficiently move through the pipeline. 

Contact Trina Solar to learn more about Trina Residential and C&I Modules and Solutions.

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