Enhancing Commercial Solar with TrinaPro

Commercial solar projects are entering a new phase. With the rise of the energy Internet of Things (IoT), solar photovoltaic panels are being implemented in a wide range of innovative applications, including distributed modern energy grids, outfitted with sensors and batteries. The so-called smart grid, a defining piece of the broader energy IoT, has been a work in progress in the U.S. for more than a decade, with varying levels of progress across its different modernization efforts.


The Smart Grid and the Progress of Solar Inverters

In an April 2018 report to Congress, the Congressional Research Service highlighted specific improvements in commercial and utility-scale solar infrastructure. More specifically, it cited the implementation of better inverters capable of supplying real-time information on system conditions. These smart inverters have been the subject of influential regulations such as the state of California's Rule 21, which is a tariff designed to future-proof its grid for the safe incorporation of renewable energy resources.

Traditionally, inverters have been designed to disconnect from the grid at the first sign of a disturbance. This setup was a non-issue when there were relatively few solar PV installations connected to grids, but as the number of commercial solar implementations rises, it could become problematic. Mass disconnects and reconnects could destabilize energy delivery, hence the need for more sophisticated connections via smarter inverters.

Solar inverters have often been described as the brains of their installations since they transform direct current into alternating current that's actually usable for power. Accordingly, it's always prudent to search for the highest quality ones for your commercial implementation and pair them with other features such as solar tracking systems for the best results. With TrinaPro from Trina Solar, you can get everything you need for your project in one convenient package.


The Benefits of TrinaPro for Commercial Solar

TrinaPro is a comprehensive solution for your commercial solar initiatives. It includes:

  • Ground mounting options for maximum flexibility.
  • Varied inverter types – both string and central are available – and sizes.
  • Storage solutions
  • Balance of system offerings such as combiner boxes.
  • Single-axis trackers for mitigation of energy loss caused by the earth's rotation and seasonal fluctuations.
  • Operations and maintenance support, including extended warranties.

Most importantly, commercial customers gain a single point of contact for all their pressing needs and questions. Our team's industry-leading customer services ensure you don't have to coordinate between multiple vendors when you need replacement parts, technical assistance or anything else throughout the life of your project.

Get in touch with Trina Solar to learn more about TrinaPro. It's an all-in-one platform for commercial solar, delivered by a proven energy solutions provider.

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