Before breaking ground on a new solar PV array, screening the right site for the installation is an important early step in the process. 

This phase requires an extensive preliminary analysis and feasibility study to determine whether the likely site will be viable for solar production. Due to the host of factors influencing the decision in this stage, it can be all too easy to lose sight of how to best optimize the available land at the solar PV site. And failing to do so can ultimately mean the project ends up leaving money on the table.

Depending on the size and scope of the project, purchasing the land necessary for a large-scale solar installation can potentially be one of the most expensive line items on the budget. Because of this, site developers need to ensure they’re leveraging every option available to obtain the best value for this land, even going above and beyond simply installing a high-quality solar PV system.

Whether the wheels are already in motion or if the project is still in its initial stages, consider these options to optimize the value for the land usage.

Take Advantage of the EPA’s RE-Powering Initiative

Using solar power comes with many perks, one of which includes generating clean, renewable energy, which helps the environment. Project stakeholders can take this one step further by re-developing contaminated or potentially contaminated land.

The EPA’s RE-Powering America’s Land Initiative works with renewable energy project stakeholders to develop solar arrays on current or formerly contaminated and potentially contaminated sites. Working with the EPA allows site developers to repurpose land previously used for landfills, mines, and other sites not suited for residential or other commercial development.

Since these projects often leverage existing infrastructure and tax incentives, they reduce development costs and shorten scheduling timeframes. Overall, the initiative helps make solar projects more cost effective, thereby generating faster returns.

Further, due to the land revitalization efforts involved, these projects generally gain considerable community support since they tend to improve the local tax base and create jobs.

Partner with TrinaPro

Another way to guarantee that a solar PV site maximizes the land’s value is to partner with TrinaPro. As a one-stop shop that handles every phase of a solar PV installation, TrinaPro works hand in hand with EPCs and other stakeholders to design and build a solar installation that meets their expectations

One way TrinaPro accomplishes this is by streamlining equipment and component procurement, and integrating optimized components into the desigfn phase. By using the right combination of DUOMAX modules, solar trackers, optimal wiring schematics, and smart combiner and invertors layout, TrinaPro helps ensure the installation efficiently utilizes every last square inch of available land.

With decades of experience in the solar industry, the team at TrinaPro has the expertise necessary to empower your optimized customer solution and experience for utility scale solar PV installations.

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