Mitigate the Top 8 Solar Development Risks with TrinaPro

Mitigate the Top 8 Solar Development Risks with TrinaPro


Operating a business in the utility and commercial/industrial sphere is rife with risks - after all, it is the exposure to risks that ultimately creates a competitive business incentive and the subsequent profit.


However, it’s crucial to minimize or completely mitigate exposure to risks to ensure your company is as efficient and profitable as possible. Nowhere does this need exist more than in the solar industry.


While risks might abound in the solar industry, TrinaPro - the new one-stop shop for utility and C&I solar PV installations - has the answers to help you mitigate these risks.


Consider these eight common solar industry risks and how TrinaPro solves these problems:


Risk #1 - Preliminary Design Risk

For some solar PV sites, unfriendly terrain such as hills, bodies of water, or other odd topology can make it tricky to maximize the value of the site.

TrinaPro’s Solution: With TrinaPro, no site is too complex for your solar PV installation. This is because TrinaPro can provide single-row or multi-row tracker systems, providing optionality and flexibility in the site layout.


Risk #2 - Project Procurement Risk

High demand for solar PV modules, inverters, and trackers can make it difficult to obtain the critical project components and ensure compatibility for optimal performance and efficiency.

TrinaPro’s Solution: TrinaPro guarantees the availability of the components as they are quoted. This means that the first project design can also be the last design - saving the project developer the time and cost of re-engineering. Rather than sourcing the three primary components of the system from various suppliers, TrinaPro offers modules, inverters and trackers as a fully compatible and guaranteed product solution.


Risk #3 - Purchasing Risk

Dealing with a gaggle of contractors, sub-contractors, and a host of other stakeholders can make the purchasing process messy and overly complicated.

TrinaPro’s Solution: By choosing TrinaPro, the solar project developer can complete the purchasing process with one purchase order, one credit check, and one supplier for all three of the core PV project components. This process is streamlined so the project developer only needs to work with one team to lock down modules, inverters, and trackers.


Risk #4 - Scheduling Risk

Receiving solar system components too early or too late can create hiccups in the project timeline, leading to delays and cost overruns.

TrinaPro’s Solution: TrinaPro facilitates streamlined delivery and logistics for trackers, modules and inverters.


Risk #5 - Integration Risk

Purchasing components from various sources can lead to subpar integrations that fail to fully optimize the performance of a solar PV installation.

TrinaPro’s Solution: TrinaPro solutions are optimized to work efficiently with each other, so component incompatibility is a thing of the past.


Risk #6 - Installation Risk

Without a single solar solution, the installation team could potentially face a lack of communication, on-site training, and faulty installations.

TrinaPro’s Solution: TrinaPro system partners are world class. Every TrinaPro project includes a full week of tracker assembly and installation instructions in the field. What’s more, TrinaPro’s optimization capabilities also means we value-engineer the layout to make installation as easy and efficient as possible.


RIsk #7 - Commission Risk

Ensuring proper quality control is a primary goal of the system, but mediocre commissioning can create both short- and long-term solar PV system performance problems.

TrinaPro’s Solution: TrinaPro provides high-quality commissioning for both trackers and controllers with every project. When the project operator is ready to flip on the power switch, Trina technicians will be on-site to ensure everything is working correctly. This means no risk of surprises and delays in the commissioning process.


Risk #8 - Bankability Risks

A solar PV installation is a major investment that requires a guaranteed return; but if one of the suppliers suddenly goes bankrupt, the project owner or developer could be left with a partially finished installation producing no power.

TrinaPro’s Solution: Trina Solar has over 20 years of industry experience and along with our partners, we have many gigawatts of solar product in the field all over the world and in all kinds of terrain. In fact, Bloomberg New Energy Finance ranked Trina Solar as fully bankable solar company three years in a row - the only solar OEM in the world to earn this prestigious accolade.


Solar developers of utility and C&I projects can learn more about how TrinaPro helps mitigate risks in the solar industry by contacting Trina Solar today.

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