One Sun, One Solar Solution with TrinaPro

One Sun, One Solar Solution

Solar developers often face a daunting task when they embark on a utility-scale solar PV project. The complexity of coordinating and managing multiple suppliers and project partners can be a major cost-driver and increases the risk of project delays.

A utility-scale project generally involves relying on a diverse cast of partners to handle a number of cross-disciplinary tasks. The engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) team needs to coordinate designing an optimal site layout, engineering the perfect build, navigating the red-tape labyrinth of local permits, sourcing and delivery of all components, and installation of the system. This doesn’t include a host of other unforeseen challenges that may arise.

Furthermore, since each project partner will have varying levels of interest and involvement, even with superb management there can be a too-many-cooks-in-the-kitchen dynamic. This can result in delays and missed deadlines, miscommunications, cost overruns, or worse.

One Sun, One Solar Solution with TrinaPro

TrinaPro offers a radical simplification of this messy process by providing an innovative one-stop solution for your solar PV installation from design to procurement and installation.

TrinaPro partners with EPCs to help streamline the entire solar PV array build out, including, but not limited to:

  • Project engineering
  • Design layout
  • Selecting and delivering the three major PV solar system components: modules, trackers, and inverters
  • Installation supervision and commissioning
  • Customized monitoring or remote control
  • Customer service team

By wrapping all of these one-of-a-kind services into a single, easily accessible solution, and a single point of contact, TrinaPro truly demonstrates “The Power of One.”

Optimizing Solar Power Generation

In addition to streamlining the solar EPC process, TrinaPro combines three key technologies into one system: solar modules, trackers, and inverters. This allows us to engineer more value for your solar installation.

  1. Trina’s range of high quality PV solar modules offer industry-leading performance, efficiency and reliability for any application.
  2. Dynamic trackers allow the modules to follow the sun across the sky, maximizing hourly energy gain by capturing more sunlight earlier in the morning and later into the evening.
  3. High-efficiency inverters provide high yield, easy operations and maintenance, and extra grid support.

Individually, each of these components is a critical choice for a solar PV installation. By purchasing them together as a package, these three components can boost overall PV system performance significantly. And, by sourcing the 3 major components of your system from a single provider, you earn a fully invested project partner in Trina Solar, consistently ranked amongst the industry leaders for bankability.

Let Trina Be Your Partner

Trina Solar’s TrinaPro solution for solar development is a partnership in which Trina works in tandem with an EPC to truly maximize the value of a utility-scale solar project.

It’s time for solar developers to move beyond the traditional process in which every project starts from scratch with a new gaggle of suppliers, contractors, and agencies to coordinate. TrinaPro replaces this complex web with a single, simple, streamlined solar PV solution.

When you add it all up, TrinaPro is a solution to ensure your project goes to market faster, with decreased overall costs, and exceptional power production.

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