Residential Installer Looking to Learn More About 210mm Solar Technology? We’ve Got An eBook for That

In the highly competitive solar industry, we original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have to constantly innovate what we make to work better for our installer customers. It’s all about boosting efficiency, improving power gains and cutting levelized cost of energy (LCOE).

One such recent innovation has seen OEMs increasing the solar wafer sizes to 210mm, something we see as a new industry standard that will endure for the next several years. We made a case for that in this recent post. Now the 210mm revolution – and we think it’s a revolution in the industry – is in full swing. Residential installers can gain a significant competitive edge in their markets by understanding these modules and the standard they’re setting.

So have you been wondering if these large-format modules provide any benefits over smaller-sized wafers? Want to find out if the 210mm modules provide a low LCOE? Curious if manufacturers even make 210mm modules for residential installations? Want to know what the PV industry is doing to standardize the solar supply chain for 210mm?

Look no further – Trina Solar has you covered! One of our goals is empowering residential solar installers to succeed, even as the sector’s growth is making it more and more competitive. It will be crucial for installers to understand the best ways to deliver the lowest LCOE and highest value for their homeowner customers.

That’s why we’ve written this e-book detailing what residential solar installers must know about 210mm sized solar wafers and modules. In it, we break down:

  • Why installers need a better PV module to meet growing the demand in residential solar
  • How 210mm offers the best LCOE
  • The importance of standardizing 210mm in the PV industry’s supply chain
  • How Trina Solar’s small but powerful 210mm Vertex S Series modules deliver significant value for both homeowners and residential installers
  • Additional benefits of our 210mm Vertex S Series, such as widespread component compatibility for optimized PV systems and low BOS


Click here to download your FREE copy of this e-book: “The 210mm Solar Revolution is Here: What Residential Solar Installers Need to Know About 210mm Modules.”


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